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Gas connection address change

How LPG subsidy led to regularization of address & name in LPG Gas Connections?

A subsidy is one of the ways you can purchase a product or utilize a service at a lower rate than its market price. In India, subsidy is one of the main ways to save your money on various essential utilities. The Government of India provides subsidy in different sectors. Starting from a home loan to LPG gas connections, subsidies are available for the citizens.

How does LPG subsidy work?

Subsidy doesn’t equate to discounts on the LPG cylinder. As a user, you need to pay the regular rate to the agency. The differential amount on each cylinder through the year is transferred to the beneficiary (in this case your) bank account by the government.

The whole subsidy program comes under a government scheme called PAHAL. If your Aadhar card is already linked with your bank account, you just need to register on this website: https://www.mylpg.in/ by filling in the PAHAL Joining form.

Even if you don’t have an Aadhar card, you can still avail the service by filling PART A and C of the PAHAL joining form and attach relevant documents like passbook, bank statements, etc.

Now that we have understood how subsidies work and how they can be of help to the needy, we can understand that many people misuse the subsidy scheme.

How was subsidy misused?

Earlier, the LPG was distributed to the customers using a non-centralized registry of customers. Therefore, many consumers took more than one connection to a single address. Many used the LPG intended for households for commercial purposes.

Many commercial units use fake and non-existent beneficiaries to acquire more LPG cylinders and get subsidy from the government.

Therefore, to curb such unscrupulous activities, the GOI made it mandatory for customers to do KYC and keep their DGCC (Domestic Gas Consumer Card) updated with their latest name and address.

Here’s how gas connection name change became important for all users. You need to update your correct details in order to ensure no one takes benefits out of your subsidy.

If you are wondering how to change address in gas connection or how to change gas connection name, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Steps to regularize or change your name and address for LPG connection

The process to regularize your name and address is similar for all three giants of the LPG sector.

The 3 giants are:

  • Bharat Petroleum (Bharat Gas)
  • Indian Oil Corporation (Indane)
  • Hindustan Petroleum (HP)

You need to fill out ‘Annexure E’ of a certain form dedicated for transfer of LPG connection. You can get the form from your gas agency easily.

Head over to this website: https://www.mylpg.in/ and then click on Regularization of LPG connection to know the process in detail for transfer of connection, name change in different circumstances, and documents required.

Cases that call for name change in LPG records

If you are wondering when you will need to change names in your LPG records, here are some examples for your reference:

Transferring connection to a family member

In case you want to transfer your LPG connection to let’s say your father, mother, sister, or brother, you need to sign a declaration along with the person you are transferring the connection to and submit to the agency with relevant documents. The relevant documents include ID card and address proof.

Also, remember the transfer is limited to only your original family members.

Transferring your connection to someone outside your family

Let’s say you want to transfer your LPG connection to your neighbour or an acquaintance, you need to fill in the requisite form. Get it signed by both the parties and furnish the same at the agency with relevant identification and address proofs.

Transferring a gas connection due to the death of the original connection holder

If such an unfortunate event has been followed, the LPG connection can be transferred to the legal heir or any other family member. You should produce the death certificate of the deceased and other documents required for KYC at the gas agency.

To regularize your gas connection

If you hold an LPG connection without the subscription voucher, you need to submit your documents to complete your KYC. Furthermore, the documents should also have the requisite forms. You also need to sign them for regularization.

Change of name of the connection holder

Change of name usually occurs after marriage or any other given reason. You will have to fill up the requisite forms. You should fill them in and back them up with official documents showing the change of name.

In conclusion, the process of changing your name or address for LPG connection is quite easy. However, you need to have the relevant documents with you.

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