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5G compatible iPhone

How to Check if Your iPhone is 5G Compatible?

The 5G hype has got to all of us, and its recent launch has certainly made heads spin. People are now extremely eager to finally have 5G on their phones. On top of that, many have also gone out of their way to buy 5G enabled smartphones to ensure they are able to get the full benefit of 5G on their smartphones when it is launched. Amidst all this, if you are an iPhone owner, you should certainly expect to get 5G on your phone. After all, a good phone also deserves the best internet connection. However, wait a second. Do you know if you have a 5G compatible iPhone?

While iPhones do last for a long time, with yearly software updates, many of them might not have 5G compatibility. Is my iPhone 5G compatible? In this blog, we will take you through all the necessary information that you need to know, and how to check if you have an Apple iPhone 5G compatible.

Which iPhone is 5G compatible?

Let’s get one thing clear first. If you have an iPhone 12 or any other phones that were launched after that, you will have a 5G ready iPhone. Hence, if you do have an Apple iPhone that is older than the 12th iteration, then you will have to upgrade. For Apple fans, you can always look at the latest iPhones that have been released.

Furthermore, if you think that the current line-up of iPhones is going above your budget, you could also look at some of the Android smartphones in the market. To simplify, if you do not have a 5G device yet, there are plenty of options for you. Therefore, this should answer your question on whether is iPhone 5G compatible or not.

Steps to know if your iPhone is compatible with 5G or not

Follow these steps as mentioned below to see if you can get 5G for your iPhone:

  1. Before we get started, make sure that you download the Airtel Thanks app on your device.
  2. Once the app has been downloaded, register into the Thanks app with your name and credentials, as asked.
  3. On your main screen, you will see a banner where it mentions Airtel 5G plus. It will also ask you to check if your phone has been enabled with 5G. Click on it.
  4. Next, the app will check whether you are in a city that has 5G enabled in it.
  5. After that, if your device is 5G enabled and has all the necessary requirements for 5G, you can go to the internal settings page of your smartphone and choose the 5G network from there.

Hence, as you can see, activating 5G on your iPhone is really that easy. However, there’s a small obstacle here that you need to be mindful of. Apple is yet to release a software update that unlocks 5G for your phone. Until that software is released and updated on your phone, you will have to stick to using 4G network. You should also be wary of this update as a result and get it as soon as you can.

5G Availability in Your City

The availability of 5G in your city could also be an issue. Until now, 5G has only been released in a couple of cities. Regardless, it will be available across all of India’s metro cities by the end of this year. Furthermore, other important cities in India will also have access to 5G very soon. Therefore, if you are living in a less populated city, you might have to wait a little longer. But rest assured, Airtel 5G will reach you super soon.

Download the Airtel Thanks app

As we have already mentioned above, the Airtel Thanks app is an amazing platform that helps you manage multiple things, all at once. You can use it to purchase prepaid or postpaid plans, DTH, broadband, make electricity bill payments and do lots more.

You can also get plenty of recharge offers, cashback and many other additional benefits that make using Airtel Thanks an absolute treat. Features such as Missed Call Alerts can also help you when your phone doesn’t have adequate network connectivity. Therefore, to avail of all these, we suggest that you get the Airtel Thanks app right away!