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Change your phone number on Android

How to Change Phone Number in Android SIM Setting

Your SIM stores various relevant details like your phone number, contact number list, network provider details, etc. Without an active SIM card, your phone won’t be able to receive or make cellular phone calls. Therefore, if you wish to use your phone to call your loved ones, make sure your SIM is active and has the right number associated with it.

Many times, when users port number from one network to another, the number sometimes doesn’t reflect under SIM settings of the phone. This is a common issue and can be fixed easily using a few simple methods. All you need to know how to change phone number in Android settings.

In today’s article, we will discuss easy ways to update your phone number in an Android phone from the settings app. So, let’s get started.

How to change SIM phone number in Android?

You can use the Settings app of your android phone to change the number for your SIM. Follow the below steps:

  • Unlock your Android phone.
  • Now go to the settings app in your phone.
  • Open the settings apps.
  • Here, the steps may vary depending on the android phone you have.
  • Tap on SIM cards in the settings app. You might also find the SIM card option by clicking on ‘About phone > Status > SIM Status.
  • Use the search tab in the settings app to find the SIM card option easily.
  • Once you get the SIM card option, tap on the SIM you wish to change the number for.
  • If you have dual SIM, you should know which SIM is associated for which network provider. You should not put an incorrect number.
  • Let’s say, your SIM 1 is not reflecting the number associated with it. Under the SIM number header, you will see ‘unavailable/unknown’ or something similar. Ideally, the number associated with the SIM should reflect here. Or if an inaccurate number is associated with the SIM, that will reflect here.
  • Click on the SIM number option and you will see the option to enter or edit the information.
  • Now enter your SIM number accurately.
  • And that’s it. Your SIM phone number in your android phone is complete.

Remember the options name and steps might vary for different android phones. Although this process is easy to do, you should note that your number won’t get updated for your service provider. You need to call your network provider and update them about the same.

There are other ways to change your phone number on Android. Let’s look at those too.

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How to change number on eSIM enabled Android phone?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM. It cannot be removed from a phone. You cannot just change the eSIM and get a new one to change the number.

You will have to talk to your service provider to change number for an eSIM. The process is complicated for the same.

Once you change your number on your Android phone, remember to make note of your new number for mobile recharge and other purposes.

Change your SIM card

The simplest way to change your phone number on Android phone is to change your SIM card. As mentioned above, your SIM card carries a lot of information connecting your network provider and phone. If your phone is unlocked and can use multiple networks, you can just change your SIM card if you wish to change your number. A new SIM card will be associated to a new number.

Change your phone number on Android

Talk to a customer executive

You can also talk to a customer executive for your service provider. Many people see this as the easiest way to change their phone number. All you need to do is pick up your phone and call the customer care service for your network provider. Tell them you wish to change your number. You can give them any reason like too many spam calls, etc.

They will note down your request and initiate the number change process. You might have to produce proof of identity to get a new number. The process may take some time.

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We hope your knowledge on how to change SIM phone number on Android has been enriched enough! Well, on that note, install the Airtel Thanks app if you haven’t yet, and check out the amazing offers on prepaid, postpaid, broadband, DTH, Xstream box and lots more.