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cable TV bill payment

How to Pay Your Cable TV Bills – Airtel Thanks App

Getting back home, switching on the TV set to watch your favourite Television shows, news, or movies is such a stressbusting activity. But, to pay your DTH bills can be quite a daunting task. The overall experience of paying back the DTH bills can be inconvenient, and not effortless, always. Well, the good news is that your cable TV bill payment just got a boost. No more of the inconvenience, with the introduction of Airtel Thanks app.

How does my cable TV online bill payment become easier?

You can use the Airtel Thanks app to complete your online bill payment for your DTH connections. In addition, the Thanks app is not just meant for recharging your Airtel DTH set-top boxes. Instead, you can even pay the bills for your cable TV networks with it. The entire process is effortless, smooth and the online transactions are completed within few seconds. As a result, the cable TV online bill payment is quite easy.

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How to recharge cable TV online?

Want to know the exact steps on how to recharge cable TV in online mode with the Airtel Thanks recharge app? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to get the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone.
  2. Once the app has been installed, open the app and login with your details as asked.
  3. Go to the ‘Pay’ tab within the app.
  4. Next, head on to the ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’ section. Click on ‘More’.
  5. Now you will see a TV logo button marked as ‘Cable TV’ under the ‘Recharges’ section. Click here.
  6. You will now be provided with a list of billers. Choose the right one, and then enter your subscriber code.
  7. After this, you must pay your outstanding bill with the Thanks UPI payment app. Your recharge will be completed instantly.

Your cable TV online bill payment is now complete, and you can relax. Say goodbye to bill payment anxiety. Pay your cable TV bills with the Airtel Thanks app while you lounge on the sofa. Enjoy watching your favourite TV channels and TV shows without any bill payment hassle.

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List of Cable TV providers that are supported on Airtel Thanks

Here is the complete list of cable TV networks for which you can use the Thanks app:

  1. Alka Vishwadarshan
  2. Amrita Cable Network
  3. Aryan Cable Network
  4. Asianet Digital
  5. Cochin Cable Vision
  6. Deetech Cable Network
  7. Golden Cable Network
  8. GTPL Hathway Limited
  9. Hathway Digital Cable TV
  10. INDigital
  11. New Airnet Cable
  12. Poochakal Cable Vision
  13. Sangli Media Communication
  14. Satellite Cable Communication
  15. Sebastian Cable Network
  16. Star Samir Cable Network
  17. TCN Digital
  18. UCN Cable
  19. VDV Digital

Do much more with the Airtel Thanks app

You will be surprised to know that there is so much more to the Airtel Thanks app than just cable TV payments! Here are some of the features of the Thanks app that you must know about:

Send money to friends or family, with UPI

The Airtel Thanks app is the ultimate payments app for all your UPI payments. You can scan and pay at the local grocery or send money to your friends or family on their UPI IDs. You can finally go cashless and get integrated with the digital economy in no time.

Recharge all your bills

Why just recharge your cable TV when you can recharge almost anything with the Thanks app? Be it your prepaid or postpaid mobile recharge, broadband or landline – all these recharges are possible. In addition, you can even pay your utility bills on the Thanks app. Thus, electricity bills, water bills, booking cooking gas cylinders and more – all of this is now made possible with just one app.

Buy new Airtel services

If you are looking to buy any new Airtel product or service, then the Thanks app is just the right place for you. The entire e-commerce journey on the app is streamlined, which means you can get your new Airtel service with just a few taps.

Excited by what is on offer? Then, get the Thanks app on your smartphone and make things simple today!