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MCGM water bill payment

MCGM water bill payment – How to pay & download bill

No living being can survive without water as its one of the most important elements. Therefore, it is essential to use this resource wisely and prudently. For instance, non-payment of your water bill can lead to late penalty fees and also incur interest on the late fee.

To avoid paying high late penalty fees, it is recommended to pay your water bill regularly on time. Also, paying your water bill has never been easier. Thanks to the digitization of various sectors, you can pay your water bills from the comfort of your home.

Our Airtel Thanks app can help you pay your water and other utility bills at one place, hassle-free. This article is for Mumbai residents looking for easy ways to pay their MCGM water bill online.

How to pay MCGM water bill online using the Airtel Thanks app?

As discussed above, paying your water bill is extremely easy with the Airtel Thanks app.

Follow the below steps for quick MCGM water bill payment on the Thanks app:

  • Download or update your Airtel Thanks app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once downloaded, login with your number. Now, there are 2 ways by which you can reach the water bill payment option in the app. We are listing both here for your reference.

First option

  • First, locate the Shortcuts section on the home page of the app.
  • Now tap on ‘pay bills’ icon.
  • You will be redirected to a new page called ‘Bills’. Here, you can view, manage, and pay various utility bills.
  • Now, tap on ‘More’ under the pay a new bill header. Locate water icon under the utilities tab. Tap on it.
  • Then all you need to do is find your water board from the list here. You can either scroll and select or you can simply search for it from the search box. Type MCGM Water Department.
  • In the next step, you will need to enter your water connection number. This number is unique to every user and can be found on your previous bills.
  • Enter the number and click on Proceed.

Second option

  • Head to the pay page on the app.
  • Scroll down to find Recharge & Pay Bills section.
  • Tap on more. Then, tap on water under the utilities header.
  • Follow further steps for locating MCGM option and entering your water connection number.

Payment options

  • Once you click on the proceed button, you will be redirected to the payment page for MCGM water bill payment.
  • You can pay the bill using any listed mode of payment. Airtel Thanks supports BHIM UPI apps, Airtel Wallet, net banking, and credit/debit cards for online payment.
  • Complete the payment process. And voila, your MCGM water bill payment will be done!

You can also use the app to download the receipt or MCGM water bill on the app. Our next section will guide you about the same.

MCGM water bill download using the Airtel Thanks app

MCGM water bill online download is an easy process with the Thanks app. Let’s look at the steps involved to download the MCGM duplicate water bill on the app:

  • Open your Airtel Thanks app.
  • On the home page, click on pay bills shortcut. You will be redirected to the Bills page.
  • Scroll down to the end of the page to find MCGM water bill download
  • Click on previous bills option to see all your previous payments and bills.
  • Your last water bill will be available here. You can adjust the dates to find an old bill too.
  • Click on the bill to view the details. You can download the PDF version of your water bill here.

Save your MCGM water duplicate bill in your device for further use.

The MCGM online portal also has a similar feature to pay your water bill regularly, keep track of your previous payments, and download the old bills.

Cashbacks and discounts offer on utility bill payments with the Airtel Thanks app

By paying your MCGM water bill using our Airtel Thanks app, you can earn various cashbacks and discount coupons!

Thanks to our MTU rewards program, you can keep on earning discount coupons with every transaction made on the app.

All you need to do is make your first payment of up to and above Rs. 200 on the app using any mode of payment. Once your payment is successful, you will earn Rs. 30 discount coupon on the successful completion of that transaction. You can use this coupon on your next transaction.

Apply the earned Rs. 30 coupon on your next transaction to deduct 30 from your total bill amount. To avail the discount coupon, you need to make the payment using Airtel UPI or Airtel Money. On successful transaction, you will again earn Rs. 30!

The offer is applicable for several utility bill payments like electricity bill payment, water bill payment, etc.