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Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot – 4G Data card plan details

Today, Airtel is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world with a customer base of more than 350 million worldwide. We provide internet and phone services of all kinds including prepaid, postpaid, DTH, broadband, and more. Here, we are going to talk about Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot, connectivity, speed, and other specifications to help you understand why Airtel 4G hotspot is the best to connect to the online world. Let’s dive deep into the world of Airtel and explore the data card plans.

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What is an Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot data card?

It’s time to surf the internet like never-before with Airtel WiFi 4G hotspot. Experience ultra-fast and uninterrupted internet with multi-input-multi output (MIMO) technology. Airtel Wi-Fi 4G hotspot is a portable device that helps you stay connected to the internet while on the go. It doesn’t require any kind of installation as all you need to do is insert the SIM card and switch on the device to enjoy its premium speed. Connect your smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and enjoy your favourite shows and programs.

Sit down with your family and watch your most-loved sitcom or savour some happy moments with your partner while relishing romantic movies. Whether you are in the comfort of your house or travelling outdoors, Airtel WiFi 4G hotspot provides you with strong connectivity by reducing latency.

Airtel WiFi 4G Hotspot also works on non-4G devices and lets you connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices. Isn’t that the deal we all look for? It works with both Airtel prepaid and postpaid plans.

How Airtel 4G Wi-Fi hotspot works?

Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot works similarly to your smartphone or tablet. You will need an Airtel 4G SIM card to insert into the device and it is all okay to work perfectly. However, the Airtel SIM card can be on prepaid or postpaid services depending on your choice.

  • Insert the Airtel SIM card
  • Switch on the device
  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices
  • Enjoy great internet speed and powerful battery back-up of up to 6 hours

Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot data card plans

We offer a wide range of Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot plans for prepaid as well as postpaid customers. Hence, you need not worry about finding the perfect plan for you as these Airtel data card recharge plans are in abundance.

Best Prepaid Airtel Data Card Plans

  • Rs. 58 Plan – 3GB data with validity as your existing primary pack
  • Rs. 98 Plan – 5GB data with 30 days Free Wynk premium subscription
  • Rs. 108 Plan – 6GB data with free Amazon Prime Video mobile subscription for 28 days
  • Rs. 118 Plan – 12GB data
  • Rs. 148 Plan – 15GB data with 28 days free access to any one channel on Airtel Xstream
  • Rs. 301 Plan – 50GB data with free 1 year Wynk premium subscription

Best Prepaid Airtel data card unlimited plans

All these unlimited data card plans come with unlimited voice calling, internet data and free SMS along with access to other premium services

  • Rs. 359 Plan – 2GB per day with 28 days validity
  • Rs. 479 Plan – 1.5GB per day with 56 days validity
  • Rs. 549 Plan – 2GB per day with 56 days validity
  • Rs. 699 Plan – 3GB per day with 56 days validity
  • Rs. 719 Plan – 1.5GB per day with 84 days validity
  • Rs. 999 Plan – 2.5GB per day with 84 days validity
  • Rs. 2999 Plan – 2GB per day with 365 days validity

Best Airtel postpaid monthly plans for wi-fi hotspot

These postpaid plans have unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day:

  • Rs. 399 Plan – 40 GB data
  • Rs. 499 Plan – 75GB data with Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar mobile subscriptions
  • Rs. 999 Plan – 100 GB data with Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar mobile subscriptions and free add-on connections
  • Rs. 1199 plan – 150GB data with Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar mobile and Netflix basic subscriptions and free add-on connections
  • Rs.1599 plan – 250GB data with Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar mobile and Netflix standard subscriptions and free add-on connections

How is Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot different from broadband connection?

Well, in today’s times, when the world is witnessing development at an unprecedented rate, technology has completely changed our lives. Hence, to enjoy the internet, you have a number of options to go with. You can either buy an Airtel WiFi 4G hotspot device or have a broadband connection or go with the dongle services.

Airtel WiFi hotspot device is a portable gadget that allows customers to connect to the internet without any kind of cable connection. It is completely wireless and is perfect for those who wish to use limited internet. If enjoying movies, browsing good-speed internet, and doing basic work on your laptop or smartphone or tablet is all you need, then Airtel WiFi hotspot is ideal for you.

On the other hand, a broadband connection is a fixed internet connection that provides stronger connectivity and an extremely reliable network. As it is linked through a LAN cable and uses ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology, customers experience the best internet speed and connectivity. It is perfect for those who operate on heavy devices and desktops and require far-superior internet quality. For the best broadband connection, go with Airtel Xstream fiber.