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Explore digital cable TV connection for home

After a tiring day at work and responsibilities, all you would need is to unwind in front of the television box. And DTH makes the whole experience so much better. So, if you are looking for a new TV connection, chances are you might be conflicted because you get two different choices: DTH and cable TV. So, which one should you choose and which of these makes more sense?

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In this blog, we will go through all the aspects, and help you realise which is the best solution for your entertainment needs. Keep reading!

What is a cable connection?

To begin with, cable TV is a very old form of technology. In case of a cable TV, you get access to multiple channels on your TV via radio frequency signals. Now, these signals are transmitted to your home via cables. And that is how it gets this name. Moreover, you should also note that cable TV operates only on analog signals. On the other hand, a digital TV is able to operate with both analog as well as digital signals.

Furthermore, cable TV also suffers from a wide range of problems. The analog signals that a regular cable connection works upon usually get affected with interference at times. This creates a not-so-memorable experience for the viewers as well. You will get stuttering picture quality with grainy images, maybe even ghost images or snow.

That is why, opting for a digital TV network is so much better. Furthermore, in case of a digital TV connection, you have binary parts that reproduce the image exactly as it was. This leads to greater image quality and a better TV experience for you. With superior picture quality, you can finally brag about your new TV to your neighbours as well. The digital connection will bring the very best of TV to your home, today.

Cable TV operators
Cable TV connection near me

The Government’s move to digitise the TV industry by ushering in DTH

The Government and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) have also ensured that DTH becomes the new norm across households. As mentioned within the Digitalisation of Analogue Cable System Ordinance, the distribution of TV signals via DTH set top boxes has been made mandatory.

When you have a DTH box installed at your home, you’d no longer have to depend on an intermediary. The content is broadcasted right on your screen. Just get a satellite receiver and you would be able to view live TV channels on your screen.

Now, there are several reasons as to why the Government took such a step. One of the biggest being, in earlier instances, there was no actual record to understand how many people used the cable services. The actual numbers were only known by the cable TV operators or the middlemen.

Well, insufficient record-keeping could end up hurting the revenue of broadcasters. However, ushering in the digital world would change it all. The broadcasters would finally be able to earn their rightful share of the revenue while customers themselves could get much better picture quality. It presented a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

What are the features and benefits of a digital TV?

  • Better bandwidth- Digital TV signals ensure better bandwidth than analog transmissions. HD TV is only available with digital broadcasted signals.
  • Automatic tuning- With digital signals, one doesn’t need to worry about finding the apt resolution as they tend to do automatic tuning of the format resolution.
  • Special effects- Due to the ‘letterbox’ style image screen, with Digital TV, one can experience cinema-like viewing quality at home. So, that means better sound and picture quality right at home.
  • Size- As compared to analog signals, the digital TV signals are compact in size consuming lesser space withing the bandwidth. This ensures that there is more room for several stations in a region.


Explore Airtel Digital TV

Still wondering about cable TV operators near me or cable TV connection near me? Well, it’s time to choose Airtel Digital TV, that’ll prove to be the ultimate saviour for you. Here’s some information that will help you change your decision and make you choose Airtel DTH set top box:

  1. Airtel DTH will allow you to watch content in HD (High Definition) or even in 4K quality, should you choose to opt for those plans.
  2. The overall entertainment factor is raised quite a few notches when you have a digital TV at home. The image clarity is better, and the sound is much more audible, making way for a pleasant TV experience.
  3. Airtel DTH also has a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to help out at all times.
  4. In addition, you are always open to add more channel packs to your monthly subscription. You could also add channels in an A-la-carte mode if that suits you more. There is much more flexibility as a result. And you can do all this with the help of an app too. No need to speak to anyone.
  5. No matter where you are located in the country, you can always watch TV from your home. Since the connection is provided to you by a satellite dish, being remote is no longer a challenge!

Hence, with so many benefits with Airtel DTH, you can stay assured that watching TV will never be a problem anymore. And, as a cherry on the cake, you can always choose the Airtel Xstream Android TV box if you want to upgrade your TV to the next level.