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What is AI TV

What Is AI TV and Its Features

More and more consumer durables are now getting enabled with AI, and your TV is about to get supercharged with AI too! The implementation of AI into smart TVs help to boost the computing power of these devices, resulting in an even more pleasant experience when you watch your TV. 

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Do note that AI in TV has not been released to the public yet. There have been various versions of AI TVs more multiple manufacturers, but when they release these TVs into the market and how they work, is something that is still on the works.

What do you mean by AI TV?

By its very name, AI TV means that a TV that has further computational abilities and uses AI to provide an even richer experience for all the watchers. This AI experience might not be directly visible to the users, because the TV UI experience will not be affected much by it. However, one look inside into what AI does for your TV, and you will have a better understanding just how much AI [powered TVs are better than any regular TV or smart TV.

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How will AI be used in a TV?

The primary ability of AI in TVs will be to improve the power of the processors. These could be various tasks such as noise reduction and identifying objects on the screen to boost their dynamic contrast for a richer viewing experience for all.

Moreover, these AI functionalities can also be used to boost the HDR tone for a higher dynamic range and even polish up older content that was not developed with the help of HDR technologies. This re-sharpening exercise can be performed by taking into a set of older images and then taking that data into account while sharpening the new images on the screen.

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What will be the features on these AI TVs?

Here are some of the features that you can expect on an AI TV:

  • LG has recently announced a TV which will be using AI to provide the exact colours on the screen as intended by the movie or web show directors, giving even more colour accuracy than before.
  • Samsung is also touted to launch the AI Motion Enhancer Pro feature, which will detect the type of ball being used in any sport and recreate the same motion of the ball in a frame to frame basis so that they can fully eliminate motion blur.
  • Samsung is also working on a new processor for its 8K TVs that will have an on-device AI engine with processing power that is twice better than last year’s AI TVs.

How the features of the AI TVs eventually pan out is yet to be seen, especially since these devices have not launched in the market yet. But you can expect these to be better than ever and provide a fully transformative viewing experience. 

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Should I get a smart TV or an AI TV?

The question on whether you should go for an AI TV, or a smart TV depends on your preferences. If you can afford an AI TV when they launch in the near future, then you can definitely go for one, because these TVs will not come cheap. However, if you do not want to spend a lot on your TV, then getting a smart TV is the smarter choice for now. 

Over time, all technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, and so will be the case with AI TVs as well. Thus, you can get an AI TV easily a few years down the line.

But if you think a smart TV is also quite expensive to you, then choose an Android Box instead. With the Airtel Xstream TV Android Box, you can convert any regular TV into a smart TV, with all the features that you could have gotten. Get access to more than five thousand apps on Google Play Store, Google Assistant features, built-in Google Chromecast, and a lot more.

What’s more, the price of an Android Box is only a fraction of the cost of an actual smart TV or AI TV. Choose your new Airtel DTH connection and get the Airtel Xstream TV Android Box to get the best smart TV features. Download the Airtel Thanks payments app and get free installation services from Airtel.