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Fiber net

Fiber net VS Wireless Broadband – Which is best for your business?

Internet is among the widely accepted technologies. Everyone, including school-going students, requires the internet regularly to carry out their tasks. Due to its widespread need, more and more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer some of the latest innovations, such as fiber net and a wireless broadband connection to access the internet.

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When it comes to broadband and fiber internet, many people are often confused about which works the best for them. So, let’s understand the basics of both these popular networks in order to finalise the right one:


It is one of the latest methods of providing internet through light pulses. This light then travels through the cable from the sender to the receiver, which is later converted back into its original form.

Primarily, there are two main types of fiber-optic cables. So, let’s understand both of them in detail below:

 Multi-mode cable

It essentially uses two fiber cables with a high bandwidth speed for medium range. However, a multi-mode cable isn’t reliable for longer distances since the signal usually experiences distortions.

Single-mode cable

This type of fiber has a smaller core. It usually comes with a higher bandwidth speed, which in turn, makes it suitable for long haul installations.

Now that you’ve understood the meaning of fiber-optic, let’s proceed further to learn what wireless broadband connection is:

Wireless Broadband

A network set up by using radiofrequency for communication among computers and other devices is termed wireless broadband internet connection or wifi or WLAN.

Under wireless broadband, the transmission of data takes place via electromagnetic waves which communicate through space. Therefore, its speed can be proportionate to that of a fiber-optic connection.

After a detailed look at a fiber-optic connection and wireless broadband, it’s time to analyse the differences between them. Let’s look below to understand what does wireless broadband internet connection and fiber-optic have in store for everyone:

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Point of Distinction
Wireless Broadband
Speed It provides a higher speed. So, you can carry out your routine tasks with relative ease The chances of network congestion are high under wireless broadband. This, in turn, can lower its performance
Distance Fiber-optic wires have the ability to convey a strong signal much farther Wireless signals usually degrade with distance. The farther the users from the broadband station, the slower the strength of the signal
Installation The ISP has to seek permission to physically run fiber-optic cables to your location. Therefore, the installation process is time-consuming It only requires an express line of sight (LOS) and an antenna to receive signals. So, the installation is quick and simple
Cost The cost of laying down fiber internet connection is expensive since it takes months for installation It is cost-effective in rural and urban areas
Equipment A specific set of hardware is required for the smooth functioning of a fiber-optic network. A wireless connection works with every hardware, cheap or expensive

Quite honestly, wireless broadband and fiber net connections have major differences. So, the decision to choose between these two popular networks come down to your business goals, preferences, and budget.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution, you can choose a broadband connection. It does its job fairly well as broadband offers some of the best benefits- all at an affordable rate. But, if you’re looking for a long-term connection, read up about different fiber broadband plan details, contact the operator, and select a fiber-optic connection to carry out your day-to-day activities with zero network problems.

Therefore, what should I choose?

To sum up, wireless broadband and fiber-optic have their set of pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to choose the right connection best suited for you. All you have to do is run some research, select an ISP like Airtel that makes your life easier with its specially curated plans available at great deals, and you’re good to go!