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mesh Wi-Fi

What is mesh Wi-Fi system & how it works

We know how frustrating it can be to find the right spot for a strong broadband connection in your home! It is often advised by the experts to centrally place the router at a high level for the best connection in all corners of the house. But, what if your house has 2-3 floors or more with huge rooms? Will a single router even if centrally placed reach all the spots? Will all the devices in the house receive the same signal strength and speed? The short answer is no.

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A big house or space can often have Wi-Fi dark spots even if your router is centrally placed. A Wi-Fi extender is often deemed as a solution. But, a traditional Wi-Fi extender only increases the range of a Wi-Fi connection, it still can’t cover the dark spots.

Mesh Wi-Fi system is one of the solutions to this problem. Let’s understand what mesh Wi-Fi is and how it works.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

A mesh Wi-Fi system is a network of multiple nodal devices along with the main router, placed strategically to communicate with each other, and expand the range of your Wi-Fi network and provide high internet speed.

It consists of 2-3 router-like devices (number of devices depend on the space). These nodal devices work together to cover your home with a blanket of Wi-Fi to avoid any dead spots. It is easy to set up and works effectively to provide all the devices and areas in your home the same level of internet connection.

How does a Mesh Wi-Fi system work?

A Mesh Wi-Fi system replaces your current router to create a new and well-connected Wi-Fi space. That doesn’t mean you don’t need your main router in the system.

Let’s say, your house has 2 floors including a ground floor. Your current router is placed centrally on the ground floor. A few rooms on the 1st floor might not get good signal. With a mesh Wi-Fi system in place, this problem can be solved. You can place 1-1 mesh device on the ground and first floor. These 2 devices can communicate with each other and the router to find the shortest and fastest way to transfer data.

Mesh Wi-Fi router or units need not be placed very close to each or as supplements of each other to communicate. These devices have their separate radio in-built to communicate and set a large range.

How is Mesh Wi-Fi system different from a traditional Wi-Fi extender?

Although, both these products are used to extend the range of the Wi-Fi, they are quite different from one another.

Read the below points to know how.

Difference between Mesh Wi-Fi System and Traditional Wi-Fi Extender

Mesh Wi-Fi System Traditional Wi-Fi Extender
Units in mesh Wi-Fi can communicate in any sequence or pattern with each other. Can only communicate with the main router. If there are multiple Wi-Fi extenders, can’t communicate with each other.
A mesh Wi-Fi system units transmit separate Wi-Fi networks but switch automatically. Creates separate Wi-Fi network too but one has to switch between them manually.
Have multiple radios within each unit to communicate. Doesn’t have radio in-built for communication.
Doesn’t use Wi-Fi communication Uses Wi-Fi communication.
Better Wi-Fi signal and speeds throughout the home. Average Wi-Fi signal and speed after degradation of the signal.

Thanks to its ability to communicate with each other in any direction or order, these systems are better partners for Wi-Fi extension and network.

How to get Mesh Wi-Fi extender for your home?

You can get mesh Wi-Fi extender for your home after talking to an industry expert and understanding more about their usage.

Usually, buying a full-fledged system can be expensive. You can check for rental options available in the market to get it for a lower price.

We currently offer mesh Wi-Fi extender for rent.

Airtel Mesh Wi-Fi Router solutions for you

The Airtel Mesh Wi-Fi router or solution known as Coverage+ is currently available in the market for affordable rates.

  • Rent Rs. 99/month
  • 1000 security deposit

There are two kinds of solutions:

Coverage + for houses of less than 4000 sq. ft.
Coverage + Premium for houses larger than 4000 sq. ft.

Both the solutions offer you a POD to be connected with the main router for better coverage in the house. Once you have installed the system, you can move around to different corners or blind spots of the house to conduct net speed test online and compare.

Although a little pricey, this system helps you get better network signal. If taken on a rental basis, mesh Wi-Fi is one of the good investments. Enjoy a strong Wi-Fi connection and fast internet at any corner of your house with a good mesh Wi-Fi system.