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Instagram new update features

Latest Instagram features & updates in 2023

2023 is on its way and Instagram is ready with new features and updates for users. Instagram currently has over 1.38 billion active followers around the world. Since the start, Instagram has always stood out and updated its features. What started as a photo-sharing app, Instagram now is not just another social media app. It is a hub of content creators, businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and an engaging audience. Be it the way a user puts out content or a data privacy concern, Instagram has regularly surprised users with its new features. We are here to update you about Instagram’s new API and product updates which can be leveraged for growing your personal blog engagement or your business’ profile visits and impressions. Let’s break down the new features of Instagram in detail. If you have high speed, you can also open your Instagram and try out the newest Instagram features firsthand.

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Instagram new update features to look out for in 2023

Head to your Instagram account and try out the following features for your profile now:

Schedule a post/story

Be it a content creator or a business, it is important for users to post multiple times a day to keep their audience engaged. Posting once in a blue moon can affect your engagement and affect the number of followers.

While it is important to post multiple times a day, posting several stories in a day can be time-consuming and exhausting. Instagram’s scheduled posts’ latest feature can help you with this dilemma. You can plan your content beforehand, shoot, edit it, and then schedule on Instagram to be posted on a given date and time. This feature will help you keep your profile active throughout the year.

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Moreover, you can schedule multiple posts for different time slots and identify peak engagement hours. Instagram allows users with a business account to schedule a picture, reel, video, or carousel up to 75 days in advance.

Delete photos from an already uploaded carousel – new Instagram update features

A much-awaited feature! Instagram users can now delete and edit images in an already-posted carousel. We all have posted multiple pictures and videos in one carousel in the spur of the moment. But now, you just wish to delete a few from the carousel.

Earlier, the only option you had was to delete or archive the whole post. But now, you can delete individual pictures/videos from the carousel. Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Go to the carousel post you wish to edit.
  • Tap on the three dots in the corner.
  • Now choose edit option.
  • Scroll through the carousel and identify the video/picture you wish to delete.
  • To delete, tap on the delete icon present at top left corner of the picture.
  • Tap on done and that’s it.

In case you change your mind, you get 30 days to restore the picture in the carousel.

Teen protection online with parents

Everyone knows social media has two sides to it. Online harassment and bullying are real. So is getting influenced or obsessed by a particular thought process. Instagram’s newest feature is a tool dedicated to teen protection online with certain parental controls.

Parents can now keep a check as to how much time their teen is spending on Instagram. They can set time limits for them accordingly. Also, teens can notify their parents if they wish to report someone online. This Instagram new update features the following:

  • Prevent random users from tagging teenagers they don’t follow.
  • If any teen is driven to one topic, Instagram will introduce new topics in the explore page.
  • The explore page content will be stricter for teens.

Instagram badges Feature

This new feature of Instagram will help content creators to monetize their content. Eligible Instagram influencers will now get an option to add badges to their live videos. These badges can be bought by their fans in order to support any influencer.

Once any influencer has earned up to $100, they can transfer the amount to their bank account directly. The feature can be turned on from the user’s professional dashboard.

If any content creator is still not eligible for the badge feature, they can apply for the same by tapping on the ‘Apply for monetization’ button.

The new collab feature

Collaboration has been one of the basic ways for content creators to publish and market their content. Now, there’s a newer and better way to collab on Instagram.

Users can send collaboration requests to other users or content creators. By using this new Instagram feature, two or more users can create mutual content in the form of posts or reels.

The likes and comments will be shared by both users and the post will be available on the feed of both users.

These are just a few new features of Instagram that you can utilize in 2023. More updates in Instagram’s web version and backend are on their way! We are sure to update you as and when these updates are live.

If your Instagram videos buffer, we suggest you take a net speed test online. If your speed is low, search for wifi connection for home, and get a good wifi connection today to enjoy Instagram and other social media apps without any interruptions.

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