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What is WhatsApp Channel and How it works?

What is WhatsApp Channel and How it works?

Just have a quick look at the host of benefits that WhatsApp brings to the table, such as location sharing, the ability to send images and videos, share documents and more – and it is easy to understand why it is so popular. The good news is that WhatsApp has just introduced a brand-new feature, called WhatsApp Channels, and you should be excited for it.

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What is WhatsApp channel, how does WhatsApp channel work and how to create channels in WhatsApp – here is everything that you need to know about the latest feature from WhatsApp. 

So, what are WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels have been launched so that WhatsApp users can now have their very own broadcast messaging tool. But this is not the regular broadcasting message service that is available to all users on WhatsApp. Instead, WhatsApp Channels will help you receive broadcast messages from various celebrities, your favourite sports teams, artists, influencers, creators and more. 

By using the Channels platform, the Channel admin can send you texts, photos, polls, videos and much more. However, do note that this is not a one-on-one communication feature like your regular WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp Channels enable one-way communication only. 

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Where can I find WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels are fairly easy to locate. Here are the steps to find WhatsApp Channels:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app
  2. Click on Updates
  3. Scroll down all the family and friends’ status updates to find the ‘+’ sign
  4. Tap on ‘+’ and you will find the various WhatsApp Channels 

How do I find the WhatsApp Channels that I want to follow?

Looking to find the right Channels based on your interests and hobbies? Here are the steps on how you can find your favourite WhatsApp Channels:

Browse the vast list of WhatsApp Channels 

You can see all the WhatsApp Channels that will be available to you, automatically. Remember that the WhatsApp Channels that you are being shown are based on your country code and language preferences. You can also change your country codes and language settings to get access to more WhatsApp Channels.

Go through the WhatsApp Channels that are recommended for you

These are the WhatsApp Channels that you will find right under the status updates section. These Channels are also updated from time to time, based on the various channel metrics. The metrics could be based on a variety of factors, and Channel activity is one such metric.

Get a WhatsApp Channel with a link

WhatsApp Channel admins can also send a link and invite others to join the specific WhatsApp Channel. Simply click on the link and join the WhatsApp Channel to find out all the latest updates on your topic of choice.

Key features of WhatsApp Channels

Here are the key features of WhatsApp Channels and a further insight into what makes it so good:

Massive directory

WhatsApp Channels brings you a massive and enhanced directory that is now built directly into your WhatsApp account. You can find out the best Channels based on your country. Furthermore, you can also find out the Channels that have the highest number of followers, the newest ones, the Channels that have high activity levels and a lot more.

Add your own reactions

You can even react to the latest updates on WhatsApp Channels. This works like a feedback feature, and you can see a count of the total reactions from all the other users. How you or others react will not be shown to anyone.

WhatsApp Channel Forwarding

Want to share an exciting update from your WhatsApp Channel with your WhatsApp family or friends’ group? Now you can. Any forwarded message from a WhatsApp Channel will also include a link to join the WhatsApp Channel so that others can keep a tab and learn more with further updates.

WhatsApp Channels take care of privacy

WhatsApp has built this feature while keeping in mind that privacy is a huge concern when it comes to broadcast messaging. That is why, WhatsApp Channels will protect the personal information of all the followers and the admins. Adding a WhatsApp Channel will also not reveal your phone number to an admin, and vice versa. Moreover, whether you wish to join or leave a WhatsApp Channel is also on you.

This feature from WhatsApp is relatively new. As more and more developments take place on WhatsApp Channels, it will soon allow everyone to create their personal WhatsApp Channels. 

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