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Add credit card to Google Pay

How to link your credit card to Google Pay?

Google Pay is one of India’s highest rated UPI payment apps. It allows you to make payments to your friends, merchants and even send money to those in need within seconds. What’s more, you can even recharge your mobile phone, pay bills, and make bank transfers. You can also receive UPI mandates and block sufficient funds from any bank account of your choice, in case, you plan on applying for any IPOs. Additionally, as a reward for using the application, G-Pay rewards you with exciting cashbacks and discount coupons.

If you think Google Pay cannot possibly get better than that, hold that thought. Did you know that you can also add credit card to Google Pay? This article will tell you exactly how to do that. Read on to know more.

Before we move ahead, you must keep in mind that you can only add your credit card to your Google Pay as one of the payment options if you are an Android user. iOS users as of now do not have that facility.

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How To Add Credit Card In Google Pay

If you are someone wondering ‘Can we add credit cards to Google Pay?’, the answer most definitely is a yes! All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to add credit card to Google Pay

  • Launch your Google Pay app and click on your Google profile picture, which you will find on the top right corner.
  • You will see a list which will contain all your bank accounts and cards. Around the same, you will see an option of adding your credit card. Click on it.
  • Enter your 16-digit-long credit card number along with its expiry month/year and three-digit-long card verification value (CVV). You will find your CVV on the backside of the card. Add the name printed on your credit card as well as your billing address to complete this step.
  • Accept Issuer Terms and Conditions
  • After accepting, the application will contact your bank to verify your details. Post the same, you will also be given a handful of ways to verify the fact that you are the primary holder of the card.
  • You will need to verify yourself one more time with the help of a One Time Password (OTP). You can either enter the OTP sent to your mobile manually or let the application auto-read it from your messages section.

Your card has now been successfully added to your list of Google Pay payment methods. You will now need to perform one last task to be able to use your credit card to make payments via Google Pay. Right next to your card, you will see the ‘Activate’ button. Click on it and do the same with the help of yet another OTP. Once done, voila! Your card is ready to use.

Keep in mind that you can only add a select number of your cards for your payment options on Google Pay as they only have tie-ups with a select number of banks.

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How To Use Your Credit Card Through Google Pay?

You can use your credit card through Google Pay just like how you would use your bank account to make payments through the app. You can also scan various UPI QR codes and choose to make payments through your credit card instead, in case, you have a bit of a cash crunch. Additionally, if you are indeed running short on cash, you can also transfer your credit card balance to your bank account and become solvent again. Note that depending on the type of user you are, you will be charged anywhere between 1-3% as convenience fee for performing such a deed.

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Perhaps the best part of making payments through your credit card with the help of your Google Pay is that you can do the same without revealing your credit card details at all, as it contains hyper-sensitive information. Additionally, unlike in the case of other apps, you can directly pay your friends, family members or merchants through your credit card. Most of the other merchants out there require you to add the money in their proprietary wallet first and then make payments to other entities.

However, if you are an Airtel user, there is an app just like Google Pay at your disposal that you can use. The name of the app in question is the Airtel Thanks mobile recharge app. Apart from all the features that the likes of Google Pay can provide you, as an Airtel user, you also get the option of maintaining your Airtel Payments Bank account through the same.