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What are CRED Coins & How to Use Them – Complete Guide

Imagine an app that rewards you for paying your credit card bills on time! Wondering how that is possible? Introducing CRED, a new-gen fintech app that rewards you whenever you pay your credit card bills on time. If you are a CRED user, you will get most of these benefits in the form of CRED coins. 

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In this blog, we will help you decode what are CRED coins and how you can use them for your benefit.

What are CRED coins?

CRED Coins are the virtual currency you earn every time you pay your credit card bill through the CRED app. The idea behind CRED is to reward financial responsibility, encouraging users to maintain good credit behaviour by paying their bills promptly. For every rupee you pay towards your credit card bill through CRED, you earn an equivalent number of CRED Coins.

How to earn CRED coins?

Earning CRED Coins is straightforward and is directly linked to your credit card payments. Here’s how you can start earning them:

  • Download the CRED app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register using your mobile number and email ID.
  • To be eligible for CRED, your credit score must be above 750. The app will check your credit score during the registration process.
  • Once verified, add your credit card(s) to the CRED app.
  • Each time you pay your credit card bill through CRED, you earn CRED Coins equivalent to the amount paid.

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How can I use these CRED coins?

You can use the CRED coins in multiple ways. Here are some of the most popular ways to make the most of your CRED coin:

Redeem offers

One of the primary uses of CRED Coins is to redeem exclusive offers and discounts from various brands. The CRED app has a dedicated section where you can browse through a plethora of deals on products and services, ranging from fashion and food to travel and wellness.

Participate in Auctions – CRED BidBlast

CRED frequently holds auctions where users can send the lowest bid for high-end products. It is quite unique in the fact that instead of the highest winner, the person who bids the lowest will be able to win the product. The entire process works with the help of your CRED coins, so no actual money is involved in the bidding process. 

CRED Jackpots

It also occasionally offers jackpot prizes where users can use their CRED Coins to participate. These jackpots provide an opportunity to win big-ticket items and exclusive experiences.

CRED Store

The CRED Store features a variety of products that you can purchase using your CRED Coins. From electronics and accessories to home goods and beauty products, the store offers a wide range of items. 

Exclusive events

The CRED Coins can also be used to gain access to exclusive events and experiences. These may include luxury dining experiences, concerts, or other premium events.













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How to get the most out of CRED coins?

To get the most out of your CRED Coins, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure you pay your credit card bills regularly through the CRED app to continuously earn CRED Coins.
  • CRED occasionally runs challenges and contests where you can earn bonus CRED Coins. Participate in these to boost your coin balance.
  • CRED has a referral program where you can earn additional CRED Coins by inviting friends to join the app. Make sure to take advantage of this program to increase your earnings.

CRED Coins offer a unique and rewarding way to manage your credit card payments, transforming something as mundane as credit card bill payment into an exciting opportunity to get even more rewards. So, have you downloaded the CRED app yet? Your rewards and discounts are waiting!