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Best features of Airtel Xstream’s Android Set-top Box!

After the steady rise of smartphones to the point where they can now be found in everyone’s hands, smart TVs have become the next big thing. Thus, people are eager to adapt to a smarter television that lets everyone experience the very best of content from two different worlds – real time TV and streaming networks.

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Smart TVs don’t just infuse the two worlds, but they do so in a streamlined and extremely comprehensive manner, bringing exceptional viewing quality, highly acute digital sound. The overall Smart TV ambience creates an atmosphere that can rival the big cinematic experience of the plush modern-day theatres.

However, despite its plethora of features and transformative experience, many people do not wish to upgrade to smart TV, since it is expensive. That is why, Airtel has introduced the Xstream Box, which is an android set-top box that can help transform your mundane television into an Android TV.

Therefore, at a fraction of the cost of a new smart TV, you can experience the smarter technology. It also finally puts the normal tv vs Android tv debates to an end. Available at just ₹1,500, this is the best android box that you can get for yourself, your family, or your loved ones.

Now, let us have a look at some of the features that make Xstream the best ever Airtel set-top box.

Binge watch to your heart’s content

Binge watching the latest web series that is currently the talk of the town is even more exciting when you can do it from your android tv box. The Xstream box gives you access to a multitude of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Disney+ Hotstar and many more.

With so many incredible options available at the touch of your button, Airtel makes sure that you are only left with one single dilemma – what to actually watch?

Voice Control

Yes, you read that right. With Airtel Xstream android set-top box, you can use your voice to control your television. Sounds futuristic? Well, it is here now, and you can use it to command your TV to do anything you want – volume controls, changing channels, pause/play and much more. You just have to speak, and the smart TV will follow.

The voice control is made possible through the voice enabled remote, which runs on Google Assistant. Therefore, now you can truly personalise your TV as much as you want, without even pressing buttons.

All your apps on your TV

The Xstream box enables you to access all your favourite applications on your TV. Not just everyday applications, you can now even play games on the big screen and maximise your entertainment. The Google Play library opens up an entire world of possibilities for you, by bringing more than 5000 apps to your android set top box powered Smart TV.

4K Resolution and Chromecast

If you are someone who always wants to experience their content at the very best resolution, without any dips in quality, then the Xstream android set top box is definitely tailor made for you.

With the Xstream Box, you can enjoy the following:

  • Experience more than 500 TV channels
  • Vivid 4K image quality
  • Feel the state-of-the-art technology enhance your TV
  • Cast content of your choice from your smartphone to the smart TV
  • Use your smartphone as a game pad or as a remote to control everything in the smart TV.

The Xstream android set top box is currently available to subscribers at ₹1,500. It is certainly the best android box tv available in the market. In addition, the varying features and low price making it an irresistible deal for everyone.