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Don’t Miss! Stream These Latest Tamil Blockbusters on Your TV

Since the advent of OTT, Kollywood has gained a wider audience. Tamil cinema is largely popular today for the high- octane action of stars like Suriya, the unthinkable dance moves of Prabhu Deva, and the ingenuity of actors like Vikram. Of course, there is humour, action, and drama but filmmakers from the South are also touching upon a variety of subjects like politics and caste. New Tamil movies are setting a benchmark in 2021; some of these are timeless and can be revisited over and over again. We’ve handpicked some of the latest Tamil movies that you need to add to your watch list right away.

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Sarpatta Parambarai

Among the new Tamil movies released this year, Sarpatta Parambarai stands out as a dramatic sports film, giving us a glimpse into the dark side of boxing. The film revolves around the clan wars of North Chennai during the 1980s. It’s gripping, filled with thrilling action sequences, and is thoroughly enjoyable when watched in 4k with Dolby Surround sound.


While there have been several Tamil movies that hinge on the unending war on crime, Master provides a unique take on the same. It is the story of a gangster who runs his activities from a juvenile correctional facility and his epic clash with a school teacher hellbent on taking revenge.


A classic Tamil tale of defiance of an oppressed community, Karnan stars superstar Dhanush. Among the most popular of the latest Tamil movies 2021, it’s an exhilarating action-packed drama that you can watch with the entire family. Karnan is available on popular OTT platforms; it’s intense plot will set your heart racing.


Tamil movies are often an excellent amalgamation of fantasy and reality. Maara is one such film that depicts the journey of a woman in search of the protagonist of a fairytale she heard as a child. With R Madhavan in the lead, this blockbuster hit has some tender movements which will move you to tears.


Ambition runs high in this movie about a trivial traffic police officer who sets out to solve an unusual crime. He’s helped by a journalist and a retired police officer. This witty film is bound to keep you engrossed with its fair share of twists and turns.


While Tamil movies are known for their classic action and violence, Kaala goes over the top with an excessive display of blood and gore. Amid the vast line-up of Tamil movies 2021 available on Amazon Prime Video, this Tovino Thomas-starrer is a fast-paced action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Anbirkiniyal begins as a heartwarming tale of a happy-go-lucky daughter and her beloved father. However, the movie takes an unexpected turn when Anbirkiniyal, played by Keerthi Pandian, finds herself caught in a life-threatening situation. This survival tale makes for an engaging watch.

Jagame Thandhiram

Jagame Thandhiram is the latest in the gangster genre. The film is about a ruthless gangster, who is overcome with guilt, played aptly by Dhanush. This tale of transformation of the bad guy is a treat for fans of the versatile actor.


Tamil cinema is known for its comedy and political satires. Mandela is a satire, at the centre of which is the rivalry of two political parties in a small village. The unconventional route taken by this movie features an insignificant barber who gets to decide the outcome of this rivalry with his vote. The movie looks at the role of caste in our politics and the power of the electorate.


Boomika is a nail-biting horror thriller that keeps you guessing. Here a real-estate developer realises that the abandoned school campus she is trying to convert into a resort is haunted. The dead start sending WhatsApp messages and the situation begins to unravel. But beyond all the scare, there’s an underlying message about saving the planet. The film is fresh and full of surprises and for enthusiasts of the horror genre it’s a must-watch.


Considered one of the paragons of modern Tamil movies, Aelay is a wholesome family drama of an angry son who returns to his village to perform the last rites of his father. Through flashbacks, we learn of the rocky relationship between the two. It’s an endearing story of life in rural India and traditions that govern it. Despite several ups and downs, the movie is peppered with emotional moments. If you appreciate the art of storytelling, this film is for you.

C/O Kaadhal

We’ve seen enough romantic movies, but C/O Kaadhal is the sort of film that reiterates why this genre is evergreen. The movie consists of four different subplots; four love stories of people of different age groups, even caste and religion. It all comes together beautifully, leaving you with every reason to smile. It’s a stirring and gratifying watch; put it on your “latest Tamil movies 2021” list today.

This list of new Tamil movies has everything from action, comedy, drama, and slice of life. It’s sure to keep you engrossed. On the Airtel Xstream Box, you can enjoy each one of them in 4K with Dolby Surround sound and create a theatre-like experience. You can now turn your regular TV into a smart TV and access these movies on popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, and more. All you need is the Airtel Xstream Box or Airtel Xstream Stick.

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