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Top 10 Korean dramas

Top 10 Korean Dramas to Watch in 2024

Across the globe, Korean dramas, or K Dramas, have become nothing less of a smash hit sensation. One of the most watched genres of the year, as it has been for a couple of years at this point, it is only right that you should watch the best Korean dramas that 2024 has on offer for you.

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But where should you start? Here’s a blog to help you watch your favourite top 10 Korean dramas in 2024. 

List of the top 10 Korean dramas in 2024

King The Land

There is a tense fight for the inheritance of one of Korea’s biggest companies. And while fighting to prove his worth to the throne, he comes across an employee of the company who is famous for her smile. However, he finds her extremely annoying and cannot stand the sight of her. Will this eventually pan out into the unlikeliest of love stories?

Director: Im Hyun-wook

Actors: Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-ah, Go Won Hee, Kim Jae-Won

Watch it on: Netflix

Behind Your Touch

A veterinarian who has psychic capabilities and a detective join their hands as they try to crack a few cases that have been plaguing their small town. However, all of this ends up leading them on the path of a serial killer, who must be stopped.

Director: Lee Min Ki 

Actors: Han Ji-min, Suho, Joo Mingyung

Watch it on: Netflix

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The Good Bad Mother

A very high and rising through the ranks legal prosecutor ends up getting involved in a freak accident. The accident renders him with the brain of a little kid, and there is no other way of getting him help, but without his mother. This also ends up fixing his relationship with his mother. 

Director: Shim Na-yeon

Actors: Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin

Watch it on: Netflix


A much-needed Korean drama that launched in 2023 focuses exclusively on the dark side of getting addicted to social media. The drama shows how the rise of a young woman who becomes extremely famous as an influencer, but eventually all of it comes crashing down.

Director: Kim Cheol-kyu

Actors: Park Gyu Young, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Chung Ah

Watch it on: Netflix

Destined With You

This Korean drama shows you the life of a normal lawyer. However, nothing is normal about him since he and his family have been cursed centuries ago. He ends up falling in love with a civil servant, who may finally have the key to help him escape the curse.

Director: Nam Ki-hoon

Actors: Jo Bo-ah, Rowoon, Ha Jun, and Yura

Watch it on: Netflix

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The first season of Island was already out, and the second season has released in 2023. In this Korean drama, you will see that the priest from S1 has returned, determined more than ever to ward off the evil creatures that pose a threat to the world.

Director: Bae Jong

Actors: Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, Cha Eun Woo, and Sung Joon

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video

Strong Girl Naam Soon

A brand new series, which is the story of 3 powerful women as they face one of the biggest drug lords from the Gangnam region.

Director: Kim Jeong-sik 

Actors: Lee Yoo Mi, Byeon Woo Seok, and Kim Jung Eun

Watch it on: Netflix

My Demon

The Heiress Do Do Hee is extremely powerful and has multiple enemies. However, when one of her enemies, the charming Jung Ko Won ends up losing his powers, the two are forced to join their hands together. Will sparks fly? Or will it only end up making their relationship even more sour?

Director: Kim Jang-han

Actors: Song Kang, Kim Yoo-jung, Lee Sang-yi

Watch it on: Netflix

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My Dearest

A historical drama at its very heart, My Dearest is the story of a man who has a deep secret, that he has never shared with anyone. After a horrible accident, he vows never to marry again. And yet, he crosses paths with a woman who is looking for love, in a new life. Will she be able to swoon him? 

Director: Kim Jung Yong

Actors: Namkoong Min, Lee Da-in, Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Yoonwoo

Watch it on: Viki Rakuten TV

Twinkling Watermelon

This is a Korean drama that revolves around the life of a Korean student who has exceptional musical talent. But, as luck would have it, he is born into a deaf family and somehow travels back in time to a different land, where he meets new friends and creates a band named as Watermelon Sugar.

Director: Son Jong-hyun

Actors: Ryeoun, Choi Hyun-wook, Seol In-ah and Shin Eun-soo

Watch it on: Viki Rakuten TV

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