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Colors TV old serials

List of popular Old TV shows & serials on Colors Channel

Indian soap operas are an integral part of our culture. These TV shows have gone on to enjoy mass fan following as well. To be honest, the craze has reached a point where people who watch these shows will deliberately ask you not to call them when the show is on air. The reason being they want to focus completely on the show, and not do anything else. Let’s face it, if you are not watching your TV shows in this manner, are you even really a fan? Because these fans will give you a run for your money otherwise. Now, ask anyone and they will tell you that at least one member in their family is a fan of the channel, Colors TV. That is because the old serials on Colors TV are some of the best ones, and quite famous too. So, what is it that makes people love Colors this much? We’ll leave discovering that to you. In this blog, we will tell you about the Colors TV old serials that made us sit on the couch and focus on it while the world kept on with its business.

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We are very confident that you will fall in love with the old serials of Colors TV like all of us have already!

Old TV serials on Colors Channel

1.    Balika Vadhu

The term Balika Vadhu means the child bride, which is what the theme of this story is. The story is aimed at bringing to light what happens when a small child is married off into another family. This is based on a true practice that is still prevalent in some regions of India. In the TV show, you will come across the child Anandi, who gets married off into a much more affluent family.

2.    Laagi Tujhse Lagan

This TV show is set around the backdrop of rural Maharashtra. The story starts off with Nakusha, a girl who has been asked to hide by her family. The twist in the story is that Nakusha is beautiful, but her family doesn’t want anyone else to know about it as they think others will take advantage of their daughter.

3.    Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka is another Indian serial that has truly become famous, and for a number of reasons. Audiences are met with two sisters who reside in Vrindavan. Simar wishes to grow up and become a dancer, something that her parents do not approve of. Instead, they set up her marriage with a wealthy businessman. Now,to get into the whole storyline, we think you should start watching the TV show right away.

Colours old serials

4.    Uttaran

In Uttaran, you come across the story of Iccha and Tapasya. The two have a class difference that separates them, since one is a maid’s daughter while the other hails from a rich family. The two also share a love and hate based relationship. Now, things take a turn when both get enrolled in the same college and fall in love with the same guy.

5.    Naagin

Shivanya is the daughter of a supernatural couple, who can change its shape into a human form to a snake, whenever she wants. In Naagin, she is set out to take revenge on the people who were responsible for the murder of her parents. Along this journey, she marries the son of one of the murderers. Watch this one to know if Shivanya is ultimately successful in her attempts.

Do note that this is not the complete list of Colors TV channels.

Colors TV has a huge variety of TV shows. It is true that some shows do run longer than others, and that is because of better viewership too. As a result, over the course of years, there have been many shows that have done well and continue to be on air. To watch these old shows of Colors TV, you can download the Voot app on your device. But do you feel that the entertainment would have been much better if you had a big screen to enjoy? Now you can do so, with the Airtel Xstream smart Android TV box.

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