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set top box not working

Reasons why your set top box is not working

DTH connections are considered a popular choice in India. A TV setup box even though a good option comes it with its own problems. While it enhances our streaming experience, it also comes with certain problems. Some of these include loose cable connections, signal fluctuations, etc. Such inconveniences, although trivial can add up to our burden when they’re not taken care of in time.

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Thus, it is important to fix a DTH connection (before it’s too late) when a problem arises. So, let’s understand how to troubleshoot all the issues when your set top box is not working at home:

Incorrect or Damaged Cable Connection

Many DTH users often encounter the problem of a bad or incorrect connection. It usually occurs due to an electrical short circuit or a loose connection.

Under such a scenario, it is best to troubleshoot the problem at home with these measures given below:

For an incorrect connection:

  • Check if all the cables are connected to the right ports
  • Look for any broken or obstructed cable
  • Ensure that the cables are tight
  • Refer to the user manual to understand these working of the cable

For damaged connection:

Now if the cables are correctly fixed and the problem still continues, it indicates an issue towards a damaged wire. So, in that case, contact a DTH operator immediately.

Standby Mode

Is your TV Setup box stuck on a standby mode? No worries, it is still possible to turn it back on! Try these DIY hacks mentioned below to troubleshoot the standby mode issue easily at home:

  • Switch off the Set-Top Box (STB) button
  • Remove the viewing card and clean it
  • Reinsert it in the remote
  • Press the STB button again

No Power

When a set-top box doesn’t receive power, it stops functioning. So, the first thing that needs to be done here is to check the power supply.

For checking the power supply of a DTH connection, keep the following things in mind:

  • Use a multimeter to run a continuity test. It’ll help in checking the resistance between the two points
  • Set the multimeter on a continuity mode
  • Bring tips of the probes closer to one another to create a beeping sound

Note: When there is no continuity, either repair or replace the supply. In that case, reach out to the DTH operator to fix the issue immediately.

Display Issue

Here’s the thing. Display issues are common causes for set-top boxes not working properly. It usually happens when there is a problem with the display functions.

Under such a scenario, the first thing that needs to be checked is the STB mode. If the STB mode is correctly turned on and the display issue still prevails, try the following things:

  • Press the AV button on the remote
  • Check the AV connection of the set-top box if the button is switched on correctly.

Standard Error Codes

Frequent error codes showing up on the big screen? Don’t worry, it’s normal!

Leading DTH operators like Airtel send certain error codes to the screen when a DTH connection encounters issues with the signal, viewing cards, subscribed channels, etc.

So, let us understand these codes in detail to find out why a set-top box is not working:

Displayed Message
B001 No Signal Weather, alignment issues with the dish, faulty or a loose cable, obstruction Restart the box, look for loose or damaged connections, dial the customer care number
Error Code: 2 The viewing card is not inserted properly Card not inserted correctly or set-top box is unable to detect the card Reinsert the card in a position that has the arrow facing towards the box and the microchip downwards
Error Code: 4 These channels are not subscribed by you The selected plan does not include the channel Call the customer care team to upgrade or send Add <Top-up Name> to 54325 from the registered mobile number
Error Code: 6 The account is suspended due to low balance Negative account balance Recharge the pack to resume the DTH services

The above-mentioned problem can hinder the performance of the TV setup box. So, try out our hacks to troubleshoot them with ease at home. In case any of these issues still continue, get help from a professional expert. Hurry!