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Best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime

Top 10 Marathi movies on Amazon Prime 2023

Watching regional content on OTT platforms is always a huge delight. Additionally, there has also been quite a large demand for these content forms. The rise in demand for Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali and other regional movies means that platforms such as Amazon Prime Video have also jumped on the bandwagon. Now, if you are looking for some good Marathi movies on Amazon Prime, then here are our recommendations around it.

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Here’s our pick on some of the best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Photo Prem

Released in 2021, Photo Prem narrates the story of a housewife named Sunanda. She suffers from the trauma of a camera, and it is so bad that she hasn’t even been able to see the photo of her honeymoon. While she goes on with this, her world takes a turn very quickly when she is attending a funeral where there are no decent photos of the one who has passed away. This sets her thinking on how her grandchildren would think of her when she passes away as well. The rest of the movie tackles Sunanda’s concerns about getting the perfect picture of her stuck on the wall.

2. Half Ticket

This is an official remake of the award-winning Tamil film, Kaaka Muttai. It is an extremely sweet and sentimental movie that shows the everyday struggles of the lesser privileged people. Survival is a constant theme in this movie, where the privileged and the powerful live on greed and reward it as well.

3. Pawankhind

If you want a recommendation from the latest Marathi movies on Amazon Prime, then Pawankhind will surely win you over. It is the story of the dreadful night of 1660, when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great ruler of the Marathas, found himself cornered in the Panhala fort. Under pressure from the Bijapur Sultanate, Shivaji’s commanders join arms to save their leader. Watch this movie to know how the events unfolded.

4. Double Seat

In this movie, you will see a very sweet story that will tug at your heartstrings. You will come across a newly married young couple, who wish to buy a new flat and move away from their family’s residence. In their new home, a series of events take place that tests their relationship and their struggle for survival.

5. Jhimma

It is a new-age story where seven women from different backgrounds decide to go on a trip to Great Britain with the same travel agency. However, their lives are about to change drastically on this trip. To know more, you will have to watch it on Amazon Prime.

Best Marathi movies on Amazon Prime

6. Duniyadari

In Duniyadari, you meet the protagonist Shreyas who does not enjoy a comfortable relationship with his parents. However, he has lucked out when it comes to his friends, with a loyal and loving bunch from his college. Now, Shreyas wishes to fix his love life by trying to win over the beautiful Shirin. But will he succeed? Or will his attempts bite the dust? Duniyadari was shot in Pune and received an extremely warm welcome across the multiplexes of Maharashtra. Looking for comedy Marathi movies on Amazon Prime? Well, this has some comic dialogues and is also high on emotions and romance.

7. Prawaas

In this movie, you meet the elderly couple Abhijat and Lata who are living their fast-paced lifestyle in the metropolis of Mumbai. However, they soon realise that time is running out in their lives. Therefore, they decide to start making the most of it. Watch how they change their lives and go on to become a happier couple in this eart-warming movie.

8. Smile Please

This is the story of Nandini, who is a photographer by profession. Nandini struggles with the onset of dementia, very early on in her life. As a result of her problems, she ends up getting neglected by her family too. All this ends up taking a toll on her mental health until she meets Viraj. He starts making her feel better and motivates her for a happier life.

9. Natsamrat

Ganpat is a very famous Shakespearean actor who has a large property. Because of his age, he decides to divide his property among his two children. However, their ungratefulness ends up making Ganpat and his wife homeless when they are old. This leads to great suffering for the two.

10. Chandramukhi

This is the story of Chandramukhi, a lead dancer in the Lavani style dance form. Set in the 1980s, Chandramukhi ends up going through an unexpected series of events. A rising politician also gets involved in her life. Watch this one for the music, storylines, acting and dialogues. You will be in for an experience.

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