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How to connect two TVs to one set-top box

How to Connect Two TVs with One Set-Top Box?

Television is one of the most basic and undoubtedly most prevalent forms of entertainment in Indian households. According to a 2020 report, over 210 million households in India have a television set. Many of these houses often have two television sets, but what’s unchangeable is the fight for the remote control! A second DTH connection in two different television sets is the best solution. However, many users are often left confused about how to connect two TVs to one set-top box. If you surf online, you will find easy steps involving HDMI ports and RC cables to connect two TVs with one set-top box. Although it’s not illegal to split signals for output, it is illegal to change or tamper anything in brand-given set-top boxes. Rather, you can connect two TVs with one set-top box connection.

Buy Airtel DTH with exciting benefits

If you want a two TV connection with one cable, you will need to buy a second connection. Don’t get confused! We will explain the process in detail further in the article.

Connect two TVs to one set-top box – multiple TV connections

Multiple TV connections can be installed if you have multiple television sets in your home and don’t want to pay extra for a new set-top box. The second connection’s service provider should be the same as your primary one.

Airtel users can buy a second HD TV connection at a discounted price for saving on a new DTH connection. We will talk about the process in detail now. Keep reading!

How to buy and connect two TV with one set-top box?

It is quite easy to install a second DTH connection with a primary set-top box in your home. If you are already an Airtel customer, follow the below steps to set up a new connection for your second TV.

  • Head to our official website.
  • Click on DTH and select ‘Buy Second DTH Connection’ from the drop-down.
  • You will be redirected to a new tab.
  • Here, you will need to enter a few details to raise the request for a second DTH connection.
  • Enter your name and mobile number, then select your city from the drop-down down menu.
  • Tick the checkbox against ‘Airtel partners can call me’ and hit submit.
  • Once you have entered the details, you just need to wait for the Airtel executives to contact you and set up a convenient time for installation.

The further process will be discussed with you by the Airtel representatives.

Let us take you through the benefits that you will receive with an Airtel second DTH connection.

Benefits of a Second DTH Connection

Here is the list of benefits you can get with a second Airtel connection:

One Set-Top Box per Television

If you opt for an Airtel second connection, you don’t have to work around a single set-top box and go through the hassle of using an RC or HDMI. We will provide a new set-top box for your second television.

One Common Dish for Multiple TV Connections

Installing two different dishes for multiple TV connections can sometimes be a hassle. Some users might not want to install multiple dishes on their terrace due to space constraints or simply because it looks haphazard. With Airtel, your multiple TV connections can be managed by one single common dish.

Different Programs on Different Televisions at any Given Time

Most of the users are concerned about this particular fact. In case you do manage to tamper with the set-top box and connect two TVs with one set-top box, you might end up watching the same shows on both television sets at the same time. Therefore, it is better to install a different set-top box for both of your TV boxes to avoid any confusion.

Free Installation for all Connections

Be it an installation for a single set-top box or multiple ones, the installation is free for all connections with Airtel.

Set-Top Box Price

Generally, users must pay Rs. 1000 for the installation of a primary HD set-top box in their home. However, if you get a second DTH connection, you just have to pay Rs. 750 as the one-time setup fee.

So, stop searching for shortcuts to connect your two TVs with a single set-top box! Contact us today to get a second connection easily at a discounted rate.