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Latest Anupama episodes with Airtel DTH

Watch all the Latest Anupama Episodes Live on Airtel DTH

The network TV shows have come a long way from ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar ki’ daily soap dramas. Did you know the very first television serial was launched in 1984 called ‘Hum log?’. The series aired 156 episodes till 1985. Whereas ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ aired around 1833 episodes over a span of 8 years! That’s the kind of viewership the daily soap dramas have gathered all over India.

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Regional shows are also attracting a lot of viewership even if limited to a certain region. Amidst all the new shows being launched, ‘Anupama’ has definitely made its way into the hearts of audience with more than 4 million viewership all over India. It is also leading the TRP ratings for quite some time now. People can watch Anupama episodes Live on their Airtel DTH TV everyday at 10:00 PM. Anupama HD can be watched on Star Plus HD channel.

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Anupama: The story of a brave homemaker

Anupama’s character is extremely layered in the serial. Played by Rupali Ganguly, a former Monisha Sarabhai of the cult comedy show Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Anupama’s character is relatable to every homemaker.

A dedicated daughter, mother, and wife, Anupama dedicates her life to taking care of her home and family with full devotion. Unfortunately, her personal dreams are left behind in this process. To add to her troubles, her husband Vanraj Shah doesn’t appreciate or respect Anupama due to her limited education. Moreover, he has an extra-marital affair with his co-worker Kavya, who is obsessed with getting married to Vanraj and doesn’t leave a single opportunity to humiliate Anupama.

Tangled into a toxic relationship, Anupama finally decides to take charge of her own happiness and divorces Vanraj. The rest of the story portrays Anupama going back to her roots and starting ‘Anupama Dance Academy’ with her son Samar.

The best part about the show is the sub plots which run in the background. Every character has a back story which explains their present actions. The serial is not just limited to romantic plot lines, scheming, and regular daily soap drama.

How can I watch Anupama episodes on Airtel DTH?

You can catch Anupama full episode everyday on your TV with Airtel DTH connection. If you are getting a new dish connection, go for Airtel HD or Airtel Xstream box to watch your new favourite serial Anupama on Star Plus (SD & HD).

If you recharge your DTH with the above-mentioned packs, you can get Star Plus SD and HD channels to watch Anupama episodes live. The show airs everyday at 10:00 PM, from Monday to Saturday. Wondering how to recharge DTH? Just head to the DTH tab on our official website or download Airtel Thanks and recharge your Airtel DTH connection!

Things to learn from the story of Anupama

It is a story of a woman fighting for her stand with the family she is devoted to. The conflict is visible and relatable by the Indian audience. Moreover, the television serial brings up issues and subjects which are generally frowned upon in general Indian drawing room set-up. Issues like divorce from a toxic husband, women entrepreneurship, remarriage for divorced women, respect for women, and more are covered.

The show continues to connect a chord with the audience as Anupama’s character is beautifully justified by Rupali Ganguly. Every Anupama serial episode is 20-22 minutes long and brings up something new for the audience.

Intrigued already? If you haven’t started to watch this serial yet, you can with a new dish connection from Airtel DTH!