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credit card advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a credit card?

Credit cards are a popular and convenient way to make purchases and access credit. They offer a range of benefits, such as rewards, building credit, emergency funds, and protections. However, using a credit card also comes with its own set of drawbacks, such as the potential to accumulate debt, high-interest rates, and the temptation to overspend. In this blog, we will look at credit cards’ advantages and disadvantages which will help you make an informed decision on whether this payment option is right for you. But first, let’s understand the basics.

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What is a credit card?

A credit card is a financial instrument issued by a bank with a pre-set credit limit. A credit card helps you make cashless transactions for anything and everything. The credit limit issued by the bank completely depends on the cardholder’s credit score, credit history and income.

What are the advantages of a credit card?

  1. Credit cards help manage your expenses: Credit cards are a great way to manage your finances. They provide you with an easy way to take care of your daily expenses as well as help you save some extra money for unforeseen expenses or emergencies that may crop up in future.
  2. Credit cards provide you with instant money: Having a credit card means having money every time. Even if you fail to carry money with you, you can swipe your credit card, make a purchase, and pay the bill later.
  3. Credit cards help you maintain your credit score: The biggest advantage of credit cards is that they can help you build or maintain your credit score. If you pay your bills on time, it will be easier to get loans at a lower interest rate in the future. If you don’t pay them on time and have a bad credit score, it’s harder for banks to give out loans or mortgages.
  4. Credit cards are convenient: Credit cards are a convenient way to make purchases. You can use them to buy things online, or in person at stores that accept credit cards.
  5. Credit cards offer emergency cash: When you use a credit card, you can get cash at any time. If you’re in an emergency situation like in a hospital or so and you don’t have cash with you, you can easily swipe your credit card and get instant help.
  6. Credit offers rewards points and special discounts: Almost every credit card provides amazing discounts, offers, and rewards. Also, many e-commerce websites offer cashback options and discounts on purchases made via a credit card.

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What are the disadvantages of a credit card?

  1. Credit card fees: Credit cards have a fee for the privilege of using them, and some are much higher than others. Moreover, if you don’t pay off your balance every month, then your interest rates will continue to climb until they average, and the lender will also charge you some fees.
  2. High-Interest rates: The interest rate is the amount of money you pay to borrow money. In the case of credit cards, it can be as high as 20% or more, and it’s one of the biggest costs associated with using a credit card. The interest rate can be even higher if your credit score is low, therefore, it’s important to pay off your balance in full each month so there is no chance of having any late fees or other charges added to your account. These types of charges will end up costing much more than just paying off balances monthly like most people do today, simply because they don’t know better yet.
  3. Hidden cost: Almost all credit cards have hidden costs. For example, the fees you have to pay for money withdrawal at an ATM, joining fees, renewable fees, processing fees, etc.
  4. Minimum due trap: When you pay only the minimum due on your credit card statement, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. The minimum due trap is a common problem with credit cards, which can lead to bigger problems down the road. The best way to avoid it is by paying more than what’s required on each statement and making sure that you pay off all your balances every month before they expire.
  5. Overspending: When you have access to money every time, you tend to make unnecessary purchases. It leads to more bills in the month’s end.
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So, should you get a credit card? Well, that depends on what kind of person you are. A credit card can help you get things you want, but it has its disadvantages, too. In other words, credit card benefits and disadvantages both are there. You might think that having a credit card is like having your own bank account at home. You can buy whatever you want and then pay it off in full each month. But this isn’t always the case. If used incorrectly or irresponsibly, credit cards can be a trap for people who aren’t careful about how to use them.

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