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5 Steps to Port your Postpaid Number to Airtel

In India, telecommunication companies offer Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to their subscribers, enabling them to switch from one mobile operator to another without changing their phone numbers. However, most mobile operators will require you to go through several steps and service executives to check your porting status, which hinders those trying to change the operator. Besides this, users may also have to deal with service interruptions (downtime), excessive documentation, and ambiguous information about the process as they plan to port numbers.

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If a subscriber is dissatisfied with their current mobile operator or for any other reason, MNP allows them to transfer their numbers from one mobile operator to another. Subscribers’ mobile numbers will remain unchanged after porting to a new network. Today, changing one’s phone number can be extremely difficult since it is linked to numerous essential services, such as credit cards, banks, Aadhar cards, and multiple digital wallets. In this scenario, MNP is of great convenience.

With our wide coverage and range of prepaid and postpaid plans, Airtel is one of the most popular telecom operators in India. While the MNP process is underway, Airtel helps you stay up-to-date on the progress so that any service interruptions are minimised.

How to port your number to Airtel postpaid?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) mandates that the maximum time to port your number should never exceed four days, and, as a result, you are often left wondering about your MNP status throughout this period. If you wish to port your number to Airtel Postpaid, this task of MNP status checking becomes relatively seamless and, too, with the touch of a button!

Here are the steps on how to port your number to Airtel postpaid:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app
  • Select the Airtel postpaid plan that suits your needs
  • Confirm the Airtel port number request
  • Get the new Airtel SIM card delivered to your home
  • Insert your SIM card and experience Airtel 5G


Download the Airtel Thanks app

Go ahead and download the Airtel Thanks app first. Use the app to find out all about the Airtel postpaid plans, various other prepaid recharge plans, and pay your broadband, DTH, and other utility bills. Get multiple OTT benefits, claim rewards, share Airtel referrals, and a lot more, with just one app.


Select the Airtel plan that suits you best

The first and foremost step is to choose your desired Airtel postpaid plan. There are several postpaid monthly rental plans available for people who wish to port their number to Airtel. With these Airtel postpaid plans, you can avail of Airtel platinum benefits as well as enjoy unlimited downloads. Check out the multiple plans available on the Airtel Thanks bill payment app

Confirm the Port-in request

After you have selected the desired Airtel postpaid plan, you need to confirm the port-in request so that your MNP process can be initiated. This can be done by sending an SMS to 1900 to generate your Unique Porting Code (UPC). This will automatically assign a dedicated Airtel executive to take care of the entire process for you. You need valid address and identity proofs such as a passport, driving licence, voter ID card, ration card, or photo credit card to begin with the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service.

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Experience fast & free SIM delivery

You will be visited by a representative from Airtel at your address and receive your new SIM card at home. You will also be guided through the entire MNP process by your Airtel executive, making your Airtel MNP experience as seamless as possible. You can also port your connection at a physical Airtel store if you do not want to go through the online process. You must carry your address ID proof and mobile phone with you. Our website allows you to find the nearest store by searching “Airtel store near me”.

Insert your new SIM card

The final step is to insert your new SIM card once transferring your mobile number is complete. Following this, your new Airtel postpaid SIM will be active, so you will need to remove your existing mobile phone SIM card and insert your new Airtel SIM. If you are connecting to Airtel prepaid, you will get immediate credit on your new SIM card for the first recharge you choose.

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What are the benefits of porting my mobile number to a postpaid connection?

Porting your mobile number to a postpaid connection offers several benefits that cater to different preferences and usage patterns. Here are some key advantages:


  1. Better Network Coverage: Postpaid plans often come with superior network coverage compared to prepaid options. This means you’re more likely to have reliable signal strength and connectivity in various locations, including remote areas or indoors.


  1. Monthly Billing Cycle: With a postpaid connection, you’ll receive a monthly bill detailing your usage and charges. This eliminates the need to top up your account regularly, providing convenience and peace of mind, especially for users who prefer a predictable billing cycle.


  1. Higher Data Allowances: Postpaid plans typically offer higher data allowances compared to prepaid options. This means you can enjoy more internet surfing, streaming, and downloading without worrying about running out of data or frequent recharges.


  1. Exclusive Deals and Offers: Mobile operators often offer exclusive deals and offers to postpaid subscribers, including discounts on handsets, free or discounted access to premium services, and loyalty rewards. These perks add value to your mobile experience and can help you save money in the long run.


  1. International Roaming Benefits: Many postpaid plans include international roaming benefits, allowing you to use your mobile services abroad without incurring exorbitant charges. This is particularly beneficial for frequent travellers who rely on their phones for communication and connectivity while overseas.


  1. Priority Customer Support: Postpaid subscribers often receive priority customer support from their mobile operators. This means you’ll have access to dedicated helplines, faster response times, and personalised assistance to address any queries or concerns promptly.


  1. Credit Flexibility: Postpaid plans offer flexibility in terms of credit usage, allowing you to make calls, send messages, and use data even if your account balance is low or depleted. This ensures uninterrupted service and convenience, especially during emergencies or urgent situations.


  1. Consolidated Billing: If you have multiple mobile connections for yourself or your family members, consolidating them under a single postpaid account can simplify billing and account management. With a single bill and payment schedule, you can track usage, monitor expenses, and manage your mobile services more efficiently.


Overall, porting your mobile number to a postpaid connection offers a range of benefits, including better network coverage, higher data allowances, exclusive deals, and enhanced convenience. Whether you’re looking for reliability, flexibility, or additional perks, an Airtel postpaid plan provides a comprehensive mobile experience tailored to your needs.