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keep your data safe while travelling

How to keep your data safe while travelling?

International trips are exciting and often put you in situations where your regular routines are broken. You are in completely new surroundings, there are multiple documents, visas, and other factors that you have to navigate. Now, add the threat of cybersecurity in that mix and things could get worse in no time.

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Well, you need not worry because, with the right planning, you can always stay a step ahead of these challenges. In this blog, you will learn all about these steps, so that you too, can keep your data safe while travelling.

How to protect your devices while travelling?

Here are some of the best ways through which you can protect your devices while travelling:

  1. Stay away from public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks often sell themselves as free and fast, but there are many pitfalls. The public connections are open – which means they are seldom secure. Hackers may use these open Wi-Fi networks to get into your smartphone and intercept your personal data, banking details and much more. Instead of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, simply get yourself an international roaming pack with data benefits.

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  1. Activate the ‘Find My Phone’ feature on your device

Both Android and Apple devices come with a feature that helps you to determine the accurate location of your smartphone, in the event that you lose it, or it gets stolen. The feature itself is quite handy but do remember to always activate it. You can track down your smartphone by logging into your account with another device.

  1. Keep your smartphone safe at all times

When on an international trip, it is crucial that you keep your devices, such as phones and laptops safe at all times. This means protecting your smartphones from getting stolen in crowded tourist areas, falling off your pockets or being weary of water getting splashed on them. Nowadays, smartphones are waterproof but taking precautions is always better.

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  1. Update the OS and apps on your phone

Smartphone updates are released by device manufacturers to remove bugs. These bugs could potentially make your device vulnerable to malware attacks. If you have been keeping software updates or app updates on the bay for a long period, then here is the sign that you have been looking for – update them now!

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Tips for protecting your privacy when you are travelling

Here are some additional tips to help protect your privacy when you are travelling

  • Never leave your phone unattended
  • Jot down important phone numbers into a list so that you can always call your friends or family in case of emergencies
  • Display phone numbers of your friends or families as emergency contact numbers
  • Buy a VPN plan and remember to use it
  • Get an international roaming plan because they provide a lot more benefits as compared to local SIM cards

How do international roaming packs help me keep my data safe?

With an international roaming pack, you are still using the phone number that you use while you are in India. This ensures that you still get all the banking messages, OTPs, and other information on the same number. You will not get these banking messages if you get a local SIM number because this number would not be linked to your banking accounts.

In addition, an international roaming pack also saves you the hassle of getting into queues for local SIM cards right when you land, and after the long wait, you still have to share your Visa, photos, passports, and other details with the telecom carrier.

Now, in a foreign land where you do not know anyone and with strict international rules, is it really safe to share so much with a SIM card executive? Add in the fact that local SIM card companies are often not very clear about the plan benefits and overcharge, and you might be looking at a real problem.

To avoid all this and to go on a trip without any connectivity issues, simply choose Airtel’s international roaming plans. Take your pick from the prepaid or postpaid plans across a variety of budgets, recharge on the Airtel Thanks app and experience the very best of Airtel, even on foreign shores.