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How Often Should You Upgrade Your Phone?

When it comes to mobile handsets, it is very important to know how your device operates and what factors to consider when upgrading your phone software. As technology is always evolving, it can be challenging to understand everything that happens with your phone. 

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Nevertheless, you should always be aware of the basic information about your phone such as software updates and more. Generally, a software update is offered directly from the operator of your mobile brand. A standard phone handset typically gets software updates up to 3 to 4 years after activating the phone device. 


Hence, it can be challenging to get your phone software updated after a certain period of time. But, if your device is still eligible to get software updates, here is everything you need to know. 


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When to upgrade your phone software?


Deciding ‘how often to upgrade my Android phone’ depends on several factors including your usage patterns, the performance of your current phone, and the new features available in newer models. Hence, it is always advisable to upgrade your phone as and when your mobile operator makes the update available for your mobile handset. 


This practice helps in avoiding issues related to slow mobile functioning, lagging, and more. However, ensure to keep a backup of your data to avoid issues related to your data loss and more. You can store data on your different server clouds such as Google Drive, etc. or physically store them in a hard drive depending on your convenience. Typically, you may have to pay a certain amount on monthly basis to store data on server clouds. 


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How to Upgrade Your Phone? 

When you decide to upgrade your phone, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition. Here are the key steps to discover ‘how to upgrade my Android or iOS phone’ concerns: 


  • Backup Your Data


Before upgrading your phone software, always make a practice of backing up all your important data or information including your contacts, photos, files, certain applications, and more. As mentioned earlier, you can use different server clouds like Google or store your data on physical hard drives. Alternatively, you can also use your device’s cloud facilities to store data for free of cost or paying a minimum rental fee. 


  • Upgrade your device


Once you are done with backing up your data and information, you can easily update the software of your phone by visiting the Settings page on your mobile device and searching for ‘Application Upgrade’, ‘Software Update’, or other relevant names depending on your mobile type, and follow the necessary steps to upgrade the device. Your phone will first install the update using your mobile internet or WiFi connection and will go on a soft reboot.


Following this, your device will automatically restart and will ask you to install the updates. This entire process may consume some time and you should ensure to stay connected to some reliable and high-speed internet connections such as Airtel. With Airtel Postpaid plans, you can stay connected to the internet wherever you travel. Whereas with Airtel Broadband, you can enjoy office-like internet connection at your home! 


Factors To Consider When Buying A New Phone

  • Choose the Right Model


While upgrading your phone’s software is extremely important, you should also spend some time choosing the right mobile model for your daily use and other purposes. Most brands offer software updates for high-end mobile phones for 3 to 4 years after the software activation or model release date. On the other hand, you may find average or cheaper models of the same brand getting software updates only for a year or two after the software activation or model release date. 


  • Invest in greater storage


If you are someone who relies heavily on your phone devices for professional or personal work, it becomes necessary for you to invest in mobile devices with greater storage capacity. As mobile devices with less storage tend to lag and have a hard time backing up data, investing in greater storage mobile devices will be a beneficial decision for you. 

  • Know your needs and requirements


Lastly, consider opting for devices that fit well with your mobile needs and requirements. Make a list of daily tasks that you perform on your mobile devices and look for models that fit well with your budget and needs. 


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How To Upgrade Your Airtel SIM Plans? 


Upgrading your Airtel SIM plans is simple and hassle-free. Follow the steps to learn ‘How to upgrade my 4G SIM to 5G’ with Airtel: 


  1. Visit the Airtel website or the Airtel Thanks App
  2. Select the ‘Postpaid’ section 
  3. From there, go to ‘View Plans’ tab
  4. Make a choice and choose the right plan of your choice and press ‘Buy’
  5. Enter your information to complete the payment process
  6. Your Airtel postpaid plan is now upgraded, and you can enjoy added benefits on your plans. 


Hopefully, this informative blog was helpful to you in many ways. Follow all the mentioned pointers to ensure the software of your mobile device is always updated and you get to enjoy all the latest and amazing features on your mobile handset. To learn more about Airtel Plans or register your queries with us, get in touch with our customer services today!