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Unique tips to block/ unblock a phone number

Are you overwhelmed with spam or sales calls? Relax. We’re here to help! If there’s one particularly annoying number that has been troubling you with nonstop calls, all you need to do is block that number. Doing so will ensure that you never hear back from them. Quite literally! And if you realize that you need to hear from that number, don’t worry. There’s still a way! You can unblock them just as easy to receive calls and texts from them again. Want to know how to block number?

In this section, we will help you find out how you can do both the things on your cell phones with ease:

How to Block Numbers?

Are you worried about someone getting your phone number while making a call? Don’t panic. We have a solution for you!

It is now possible to block your caller ID and prevent your number from showing up on the other end. That’s right! The person receiving your call will get to see the words like unavailable, private, or restricted instead of your phone number. Wondering how?


Let us help you find out how to block your caller IDs in detail below:


Blocking Your Number Temporarily


  • Dial *67 on your mobile keypad
  • Enter the number you wish to make a call to
  • Hit the ‘Send’ button to initiate the call


Blocking Your Number Permanently


  • Make a call to your carrier by dialling *611 from your cell phone device. In case you’re making a call from another phone, dial your carrier’s toll-free number (the number can be found either on your bill or the website)
  • Choose the option to speak with the customer support team
  • Authenticate your account with the customer care agent
  • Provide your account password or the last four digits of your social security number
  • Inform the customer care agent that you want a permanent caller ID block on your account


But, if you’re receiving unwanted calls from unknown numbers quite often, block those numbers for the peace of your mind with these steps mentioned below:


  1. Blocking a number on an Android phone
  • Open the phone app
  • Select the three-dot icons in the upper right corner to open the menu
  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the menu
  • Scroll down and locate the ‘Blocked numbers’ option
  • At the top of the blocked number list, select ‘Add a number’
  • Enter the phone number you want to block. Once done, tap on ‘Block’ to complete the action


Blocking a number on an iPhone

  • Go to the Phone app
  • Click on the ‘Info’ button next to the phone number or the contact you want to block
  • Scroll down and select the contact number you want to block


How to Unblock Numbers?


Unblocking a number is as simple as blocking the numbers. However, the steps that you need to take to unblock a specific number, or a caller ID depend on your device’s operating system.


We’ve enlisted down some of the key steps that will help you in unblocking certain numbers on your phones in detail below:


Unblocking a Number on an Android Phone:

Here’s how you can unblock a number on an Android device and get those calls and messages back:


  • Open the Phone app
  • Click on the ‘More’ icon with the three dots
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option
  • Under the ‘Incoming Calls’ section, press on ‘Set rules’
  • Select your blocklist. On choosing this option, you will find a list of all the blocked numbers on your screen
  • Choose the number you want to unblock
  • Tap on ‘Remove’ or ‘Unblock’ to receive calls and messages from the blocked number.


If these steps don’t help you in unblocking the number, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the dialling pad and click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Open ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Block numbers’
  • Click on the red subtraction button to unblock the number.

Unblocking a Number on iPhone:

Apple users need to follow different steps to unblock a number. And hey, don’t worry! The unblocking steps are quite simple. All you need to do is check out the following instructions mentioned below:


  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Choose the ‘Phone’ option
  • Select ‘Call Blocking & Identification’
  • Press the ‘Edit’ option
  • Locate the number you want to unblock
  • Once you find the number, click on the ‘minus’ icon, which is located right next to it.


Certain iPhone users will see a different screen. So, these steps may not work for them.


If the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you, try out the following instructions instead:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ menu and tap on ‘Phone’
  • Go to ‘Blocked contacts’
  • Select ‘Edit’
  • Choose the ‘minus’ icon for the number you wish to unblock
  • Press ‘Unblock’ to allow the user to contact you again.


Unblocking your phone number temporarily

Now, if you’ve blocked your caller ID in the past, there’s a way to undo it. Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible to unblock your phone number temporarily by following the steps given below:

  • Dial *82 on your mobile keypad
  • Type the number you want to call
  • Hit the ‘Send’ button to place the call.


These are some of the common ways to block and unblock caller IDs or phone numbers. However, the process might differ from one provider to another. For instance, Airtel follows a whole different procedure to block incoming calls on their Airtel postpaid SIM card.

Essentially, you can block the incoming calls with their special USSD code. So, come, let’s find out the steps to get a USSD code below:

  • Call the Airtel customer care team
  • Listen to the instructions and follow the steps
  • Speak with an Airtel executive
  • Ask him to provide you with an Airtel incoming call block code for your number

Note: The special code will differ depending on your mobile number. Without the code, you won’t be able to stop any Airtel incoming calls.

In a nutshell, getting unknown calls on your devices quite often is a tad annoying. But hey, don’t worry. You no longer have to worry about them anymore. Follow the steps mentioned above to prevent calls from unknown numbers at all times! And if you feel you need a new number, go through Airtel postpaid plans today!