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Airtel 1 Day Instant Prepaid Recharge Plan

Airtel’s 1-day Prepaid Recharge Plans just for you!


Buy Airtel Prepaid with exciting benefits!

Sometimes in an emergency or while you are travelling, you might need a 1-day recharge plan instantly to stay connected. Airtel now offers a range of recharge programs to its prepaid and postpaid customers. These plans not only provide high-speed broadband, but also include unlimited voice calls, SMS, and bundled deals. These plans include a variety of OTT subscriptions, including Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar. Let’s delve into this blog to know more about Airtel’s 1-day prepaid recharge plan.

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Airtel’s Prepaid Recharge Plans

Prepaid Plans MRP in Rs. Validity
Unlimited Voice Plans
199 28 2GB data, UL Calling, 100 SMS/day
509 84 6GB data, UL calling, 100SMS/day
1999 365 24GB data, UL calling, 100 SMS/day
Daily Data Plans
299 28 1GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
349 28 1.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
409 28 2.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
449 28 3Gb/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
579 56 1.5Gb/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
649 56 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
859 84 1.5GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
979 84 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
3599 365 2GB/day, UL Calling, 100SMS/day
Data Add- Ons
22 1 day 1 GB
33 1 day 2 GB
77 Plan
4 GB

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Ideal Users for the Airtel 1-day prepaid recharge plan

  • Emergency Situation: Perfect for when your regular plan runs out and you need instant connectivity until you recharge with your regular plan.
  • Tourists: It is the best option for travellers and tourists who want to stay in a city for one day and need instant connectivity without having to buy a long-term plan.
  • Wi-Fi Backup: Great for those who mainly use Wi-Fi for most of the time and only need mobile data occasionally.
  • Trial Option: This is a great option for users who want to test out the network coverage in their area before making a decision to switch to Airtel.

Other Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans

While we have enlisted the 1-Day special recharge plans above, let’s also look at the other Prepaid packs from Airtel below.

Airtel provides VoLTE service in practically every circle in India. If you recently purchased an Android smartphone, the VoLTE service will be enabled, and you will notice ‘HD/VoLTE’ in the top bar of the screen. To activate the service, go to Settings, then Mobile, click on Enable VoLTE calls and you’re done!


Airtel’s 1-day recharge plan is a life-saver for anyone who needs connectivity instantly and in any emergency scenario. So, go ahead and recharge with the 1-Day package in case of small.