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5 Easy hacks to make your mobile data run longer

Over 6.6 billion people in the world are smartphone users as of 2022. The number has grown considerably since 2016 which had 3.6 billion smartphone users. To put it in simple terms, around 83% of the world population uses a smartphone. A smartphone today is not smart without a good internet connection. Keeping aside the core applications like gallery, calling feature or camera, applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google suite can’t function without internet. Broadband connections offer high-speed internet for multiple devices. But there are times when your smartphone doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi. Mobile data comes to your rescue. There are various mobile data plan benefits for the users. One just needs to find the right telecom partner.

As discussed, smartphones are not just being used to click pictures or call your loved ones. Users are engaging themselves in online gaming sessions, streaming their favourite movies/series on OTT (OVER THE TOP) platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or surfing the internet for their use. The content consumption has increased for smartphones and thus, the mobile data consumption has also soared. You might observe your 2 GB data just vanishing in thin air before you could really make use of it. Keep these 5 hacks in mind to reduce the mobile data consumption on your smartphone.

Set a monthly data limit

Just like you set a limit on your monthly money budget, similarly, you can set a mobile data limit on your smartphone. You can determine the amount of data you want to spend in a month. Once you reach the data limit, you are notified about the same. You can also opt in for automatic disconnection of mobile data usage once the data limit is over. You can find the option of ‘set data plan’ in the settings section of the phone.

Enable restrict app background data option

You might be unaware but many apps in your phone consume mobile data even when you are not using them. Think about the push notifications you receive from your social media apps or food delivery apps. These push notifications actually use your mobile data. You can disable the same in your smartphone to conserve some amount of mobile data. Head over to the settings section and find Data usage option. Here, you can see which app uses how much foreground and background space. If you find an app whose background usage is quite high and you don’t need it to function in the background, go ahead and enable the ‘restrict app background data’ feature. This will ensure that the app consumes data only when it is actually being used.

Data saver of Lite version of Chrome

As of January 2022, over 62% of users use Google Chrome as their mobile browser worldwide. If you are a Chrome user looking to reduce your mobile data consumption, here’s a hack for you. Head over to Chrome in your phone. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose settings. Scroll down to find a tab named ‘Lite mode’ or ‘Data Saver’ mode. By enabling the lite mode, all data which is sent to your phone via Google is optimized and compressed to consume less mobile data. The low consumption of mobile data also speeds up the loading time for websites.

Only update apps using Wi-Fi

Many applications these days are ‘update hungry.’ If you don’t set the rule for updating apps using Wi-Fi only, the apps automatically get updated consuming your mobile data. Therefore, you should head over to Google play store or the iOS one and select the option to update apps only using Wi-Fi. This will allow you to have some control over data consumption. Also, on a personal level, avoid downloading really large files using mobile data.

Stream Netflix and other OTT responsibly

OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime consume a lot of data to stream in superior quality. YouTube also has a high mobile data consumption rate. Try streaming only using a good broadband connection. If you cannot, enable the data saver option or view the content on a lower resolution to save data.

One of the mobile data plan benefits these days is free subscription for many OTT platforms (mobile version). The mobile versions consume less data. So, ensure you choose the best data plan for uninterrupted usage.