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mobile over landline phones

Advantages of Using Mobile Phone Over Landline Phones

Remember the times when you’d pick up the phone and dial your friend’s landline number for a lazy evening chat? Well, those days are nearly gone. Landline phones have become obsolete in the current era. It is mainly due to the advent of cell phones in the market.

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Ever since they have taken over, people are rarely seen using landline phones. Why? Well, mobile phones allow us to do much more than imagined (than landlines). Let’s look at the advantages of cell phones over landline for a better understanding.

Advantages of Cell Phones over Landline Number


Mobile phones have eased the communication between people. That’s right! It allows them to stay in touch with their loved ones via calls (even when they are miles away from home).

Compact Size

One of the biggest advantages of cell phones is their compact size. Since they are tinier in size, they can be easily fitted anywhere, be it denim, handbags, or even clutches.

Photo and Video Sharing

Well, this has to be the best! Mobile phones now let you share images, videos, gifs, and memes with friends and family. Thanks to their HD-quality cameras!


Text messaging or texting is still a popular form of communication (even today). It allows people to send letters, numbers, symbols, etc. through written messages on mobile phones.


Mobiles are undoubtedly one of the best sources of entertainment. A mobile phone lets you do a multitude of things, such as play games, stream online content, watch videos, read books, listen to music, and so forth. It’s safe to say that one can never get bored alone, if they have a cell phone.

Whereas landline numbers are only for receiving and outgoing calls.

Reminders, Alerts, and Notes

Let’s face it: Many people (including us) often forget important dates. But hey, guess what? It is now possible to remember everything right from upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth. Thanks to mobile phones. It allows everyone to set reminders and write down important notes for later use in the future.

Travel Purposes

Mobile phones have made finding your way around much easier with its GPS-enabled feature. So, you can quite easily travel around any corner of the world without the fear of getting lost. All thanks to the advanced mobile phones!


Do you dread organizing your schedule? Say no more. The calendars on your mobile phones will help you out in managing your hectic routines. Yes, that’s correct! These calendars enable you to set your doctor’s appointments, work meetings, and client calls on your smartphones, making it possible to digitally manage everything under a single roof.

Online Banking

You no longer have to visit the banks to carry out transactions, or other financial activities. All thanks to mobile phones! It enables you to transfer funds, receive cash, check your account balance, and pay bills- all while sitting at home.

Remote Working

Mobile phones allow everybody (including us) to work on the go, anytime and anywhere. So, it is possible for working professionals to stay in touch with their team members, especially when they are out of the office or working from home. One has to choose mobile number over landline number to stay updated in the remote set up.

Preserving moments

As most cell phones come with a camera, it becomes easy to capture images or video footage of any incident, such as car accidents, disputes, and other illegal activities. And of course, you can capture the joyous memories forever.


Cell phones provide you with the opportunity to educate and upskill yourself through online research. Yes, that’s right! You can search for anything on your phone as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Social Benefits

Popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth can be accessed on your mobile phones. So, you can tweet, interact, share, follow, like, and comment on these social media channels whenever you want. This, in turn, helps you to improve your social engagement with other people (besides your inner circle).

Mobile Phones Vs Landlines

An end to the debate.

Mobile Phones Landlines
Compact  Comparatively bigger than cell phones
Portable Not Portable
Wireless Uses LAN wires
Internet enabled (most of the models) Not Internet enabled
Serves many use cases – calling, browsing online, clicking pictures, etc. Usually serves only one purpose – Receiving and calling 
Supports multimedia communication Deesn’t support multimedia communication and file sharing

Additionally, let’s also understand where a cell phone came from and how has it turned into an irresistible option for everyone today:

The History and Evolution of Cell phones

Mobile phones have a long history. From a single landline number to dual sims in phones, we have come a long way. So, come let’s find out where and how it came from, in detail below:



1985 Martin Cooper invented the first handheld device called Motorola Dynatec 800X
1992 Nokia 1011 was launched worldwide
1996 Motorola Startac debuted in 1996, making it the bestselling product in the market
1997 The Hagenuk Global handy was the first German-made device with no visible external antenna
1998 Siemen’s S10 became the first device with a coloured phone screen
1999 Nokia 7110 was the first phone that featured a WAP browser, while Motorola Time port was the first tri-band GSM phone
2000 Nokia 9210, an internet-enabled phone was launched in the market. During the same time, other devices like Sharp J-SH04 and Nokia 3310 were also introduced in the market
2003 Nokia launched a basic phone called Nokia 1100, while Blackberry took over the market with their cell phone models
2005 The first waterproof phone called Casio G’zone was introduced, while iPhone became one of the hottest selling product in the market
2008 The HTC Dream, a first Android phone made its way into the market
2009 Cell phones with 4G network technology came into being
2010 Other brands like Motorola, Samsung, Nexus, and so on introduced their phone models
2011 Xiaomi launched its first smartphone
2012 Samsung and Nokia dropped their new models
2014 One Plus phones were launched
2018 During this period, triple-camera smartphones were introduced
2019 Launch of 5G network
2020-2022 This period saw massive innovations in cell phones

Now that you know how cell phones evolved, let’s proceed further to understand how their invention has benefitted us over the years below:

A landline number works only if you pay your phone bills in a timely manner. Similarly, the above-mentioned activities are possible only with the right mobile plan for a mobile phone. Without it, a phone would be rather futile.

Thus, it is important to purchase a mobile plan for the smooth functioning of your phones. So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to our website and check the following plans mentioned below:

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You can check out both the prepaid and postpaid plans by Airtel on its official website.  a nutshell, mobile phones have left landline phones far behind. It is mainly due to its multiple functions and attractive features and not to forget, support of a good plan. So, choose carefully between our endless list of prepaid mobile plans as per your needs and preferences.