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5G network facts

What are Common Facts and Myths about 5G Network?

The world is evolving at a fast pace and so are the technologies of the modern era. With each passing year, we get to witness new technologies, innovations, and inventions that facilitate our lifestyle. There was a time when the internet was nothing but some fairy-tale idea. And of course, who would have thought of connecting to the entire world while sitting in one corner of someplace?

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However, things are completely different now, as we cannot imagine our lives without the internet. Isn’t it fascinating to even think of? Well, things have changed for good, and the internet has evolved. From living in an era of 1G to being a part of the 5G transition, the world has come a long way. Today, we dwell in a software-defined autonomous world and that’s why the evolution of the wireless network to 5G technology is quite a milestone to achieve. However, there are still certain myths that revolve around this technology. Here, we are going to learn all about these 5G facts and myths.

What is 5G technology?

Well, 5G technology refers to the 5th generation of cellular networks that aims at improving internet and phone connectivity by delivering ultra-fast internet and providing customers with an unprecedented multimedia experience. With 5G technology, you are going to experience extremely low latency, enhanced connectivity, higher security, and better network compatibility.

Common 5G Myths and their Reality

5G is only for mobile phones 

It is quite a common notion amongst most people that 5G is exclusively for phones. However, it’s not the case as this fifth-generation technology looks forward to changing the way the internet works on devices. It is going to strengthen the industrial world on account of its super-fast speed, low latency, and great connectivity. With the help of a 5G network, you can connect several devices and use them efficiently. From gaming to businesses, everything is going to witness a drastic change.

5G doesn’t differ from 4G 

No! There are several big differences between 5G and 4G networks. Some of the key differences include the parameters of latency, download speeds, base stations, and cell density. With the 5G network, users can access speed of up to 20Gb per second, experience latency as low as 1 ms, and enjoy high-resolution streaming and video watching. The 5G network will also have more bandwidth, which will allow users to have efficient internet. In comparison to 4G where density was 200 to 400 users per cell, 5G has 100 times greater cell density.

5G uses more energy than other generations 

One of the common myths about 5G is that this new generation network uses more energy in transmitting data and other things than the previous generation network. However, the case is not how it is perceived. In fact, the 5G network is going to use optimised energy as the antennas will work only on demand. They will be used only where there is a need to transmit data. Also, the data transmitted within a given time will be more with 5G than in other generation networks.

5G may have health effects 

Well, the fact that exposure to 5G signals poses a health risk is not true at all. It is just a myth as confirmed by several health authorities across the world including countries like Norway and Germany. The exposure threshold of 5G is below the required standards of antenna installation and hence, the radio waves of 5G signals are not going to affect any lives. Moreover, these radio waves lie in the non-ionizing zone of the electromagnetic spectrum, and thereby, they do not have enough energy to do any kind of damage.

5G isn’t as secure as other generations 

To debunk the myth and put it straight – 5G is more secure and reliable than other generation networks due to its better bandwidth and extra connection points. It provides an enhanced security system with better subscriber identity protection, new authentication procedures, and other mechanisms.

5G will replace Wi-Fi 

Not really! The characteristics of 5G and Wi-Fi are different from each other. However, considering the kind of speed and connectivity the 5G network is going to provide its users with, it will replace Wi-Fi in some use cases. There have been improvements in the wireless phone network for the past several years and no innovation could replace Wi-Fi. It is because Wi-Fi provides local connectivity between devices and is quite cost-effective. Hence, it can be said that the 5G technology is not going to replace Wi-Fi services.

Interesting facts about 5G technology

  • The 5G network will provide an ultra-fast internet connection that would allow you to download a high-definition movie within a few seconds. With a 5G network, you may experience an unprecedented speed of more than 10 Gb per second.
  • The download, as well as the upload speed with 5G connection, can be about 100 times faster than 4G
  • With the rollout of 5G, you are going to experience extremely low latency. As per the recent data, it can be as low as 1 ms.
  • It is a game changer in the business world as it will speed up industrial processes and help in remote monitoring, real-time traffic control, and a lot more, thereby making them run their functions more efficiently.
  • As the 5G technology helps in faster transmissions and has great connectivity, it will help in building smart cities and smart homes. It will also facilitate the growth of self-driving cars.
  • As per researchers, 5G will grow exponentially and will provide connections to more than 1.5 billion people by the year 2024.
  • 5G technology is going to enhance the use of virtual and augmented reality, thereby providing the best gaming experience in any part of the world.
  • One of the most interesting 5G facts is that entire Europe (every accessible place across the continent) is believed to have the 5G network by 2025.

We hope this helps to clear out the 5G facts and myths that you were looking for!