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Advantages of eSIM

eSIM Advantages & Disadvantages

Your tiny sim card holds a lot of your data including your phone numbers, messages, contacts, etc. Along with this, it is your sim card that has the responsibility to connect your phone to the nearest available network of your operator. Without a sim card, your phone can’t place network calls, use mobile data, or send normal messages to others. Usually, a sim card is placed in the sim card slot in phones. These slots are available in both smart and keypad phones. Earlier phones, smart or keypad ones, had space for just one sim card. However, over time, dual sim phones were launched to help people manage two numbers from different operators in a single phone. Now, eSIMs are the latest advancement in the sim card technology field.

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eSIMs don’t need an extra slot for placement. They are already embedded in the phone by the manufacturer. All the users need to do is configure the eSIM for their network and database. Users can store data for multiple profiles in a single eSIM card, but only one stays active at a time.

Since ESIM technology is quite new for people, we believe a detailed article on the advantages and disadvantages of eSIM is definitely required. We will also talk about the steps involved in converting a physical sim to an ESIM as an Airtel user.

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So, let’s get started with the advantages of eSIM. Then, we will move on to the disadvantages of eSIM.

Pros and Cons of ESIM

ESIM is still a new concept for many users. It was originally introduced by Apple for iPhones. ESIM technology has its fair share of pros and cons too. Let’s look at the pros first.

eSIM advantages

An eSIM can help you draw a better margin between your personal and professional lives. It is easy to manage and has multiple benefits if you are constantly on the go.

Easier to activate than physical SIM cards

It is easier to activate an eSIM compared to a physical new sim card. In the case of a physical sim card, you have to manually place the sim in just the right way to activate it. You will also need a sim ejector pin to open the sim tray slot in your phone. If you accidentally place the sim the wrong way, your sim card might get damaged. On the other hand, eSIMs can be activated by just scanning a QR code.

Your eSIM gets registered to your mobile network by scanning the QR code. You will be connected to your network in just 15 minutes. A physical sim card might take more time for getting activated.

Switch between networks with a few taps

A single eSIM can store multiple network profiles (the number can go up to 3 or 5). Thanks to this feature, users don’t need to carry multiple physical sims and go through the hassle of inserting them when in need. You can just switch to another network from your phone’s network settings.

Efficient for traveling personnel

If you are a person who travels abroad a lot for business or pleasure, eSIM technology is godsend. Your eSIM can help you switch to local operators easily when traveling. You don’t need to buy a new local physical sim card every time you visit a new country/destination. Save a trip to the telecom store to activate an old sim or to get a new sim. Just use your phone to switch to the local network.

You also don’t need to permanently disable accounts.

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ESIM take up less space

This eSIM advantage is good for both manufacturers and users. Since eSIM doesn’t require a separate slot, the saved space can be used by the manufacturer to add extra features and make better design decisions. The users can get extra features like better battery capacity, faster CPU, or better protection from water and dust, thanks to reduced ingress points.

Additionally, it is easier to change network providers faster with an eSIM.

Although, eSIMs have a multitude of benefits, they also have some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of eSIM

Let’s look at some of the cons.

Hard to switch devices

It can be difficult to switch devices in case of emergencies. For instance, what if your phone stops working suddenly? With a physical sim, you can easily take it out and insert it into another phone. You can’t do that with an eSIM. Moreover, the temp device should support eSIM. That brings us to our next point.

ESIM support limited to premium phones

Currently, eSIM is supported by limited premium phones which are not affordable to everyone. Average users can’t use an eSIM without burning a small hole in their pockets. If one does switch to eSIM, there will be limited phone options.

Should you switch to eSIM?

It depends on every user’s use case and needs. People who are concerned about their privacy and security can switch to eSIM for locking their identification in case of theft.

Or users can wait for manufacturers to introduce mid and small-range phones with eSIM support. The choice is yours!

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How to convert your Airtel physical sim to eSIM?

If you have decided to convert your physical sim to an eSIM, follow the below steps:

  • Initiate the process with an SMS to 121. Type eSIM <registered email ID> and send it to 121.
  • If the given email ID is valid, you will receive an SMS from 121. This is a confirmation message.
  • Respond to that SMS with the number ‘1’ to confirm your eSIM change request. Remember to respond in 60 seconds.
  • In case your email was not valid, you will have to re-initiate the process by entering the correct mail ID. You will receive a guide SMS from 121 telling you how to update the email ID.
  • Once the initial stage of confirmation is over, you will receive another text from 121 to give your consent over a call.
  • Pick up the call and give your consent for the eSIM request.
  • Post the confirmation, you will get the final message by 121 about the QR code which you will receive on your given mail ID.
  • Check your mail inbox for the QR code. Scan the QR code immediately upon receipt to activate your eSIM.

It will take around 2 hours to activate your eSIM. Meanwhile, your physical sim network will not be interrupted.

Hope this detailed guide on the advantages and disadvantages of eSIM will help you make an informed decision. We certainly think eSIM advantages are many! For any further questions, you can reach out to your local Airtel representative.

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