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Why is my phone offline? How to fix it?

Why is my phone offline? How to fix it?

Your Android or Apple smartphone is your constant companion throughout the day. And that is why, there is considerable reason to panic when you suddenly see that your phone is offline. Don’t worry – it might be a small issue and can be fixed with tips and smart tricks. Here is our blog on how to fix the ‘why is my phone offline’ question. 

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By the end of this blog, we hope you will be successful in saving your smartphone from the ‘phone offline’ status and go about your day like usual. Let us dive straight into it.

What does it mean when my phone says that it has gone offline?

Whenever you see the message that says ‘phone is offline’ it means that your device is unable to connect to the internet. It also means that your phone is unable to utilise the SIM card, and hence you won’t be able to access mobile data internet, place phone calls or send SMS texts. Basically, your entire smartphone ends up not being able to share or exchange any information with the rest of the world. Think of it as a smartphone blackout.

The question ‘why is my phone offline’ often comes attached with a bit of panic and restlessness, which is valid given the problem at hand. Thankfully, there are enough ways in which you can restore your smartphone back to the way it was.

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Why is my phone showing that it has gone offline?

It is quite annoying when the device that is supposed to keep you connected to the rest of the world gives in to network troubles and goes offline. Here are some of the reasons why the device may have gone into offline mode:

Aeroplane mode is activated

The Aeroplane mode in smartphones is a feature that has been designed to ensure that people do not use their smartphones while they are on a flight. This mode disables all the connections within the smartphone. Now, it is a feature that is useful for someone who is about to embark on an aeroplane journey. 

If you are on the ground and the aeroplane mode is enabled, then it can be fixed with just a few taps. Just swipe down from the top of your status bar and if you see the Aeroplane Mode activated sign, tap on it to deactivate. When the mode is activated, you will also see a flight symbol on the top of your status bar.

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Connectivity Issues

If you rely on mobile data and are on the move, then it is possible that your smartphone is unable to place a connection with the nearest cell tower of your mobile network provider. As a result, there is a disconnection, and it won’t be fixed until you move closer to a tower. 

If you are at home and see this issue, then it is possible that the walls are making it difficult for your cell signals to reach the tower. Try moving around or going to your balcony to check if the network improves and the ‘your phone is offline’ message goes away.

Bugs from other installed apps

Our smartphones contain a plethora of apps. However, there are many apps that eventually affect the performance of your smartphone. And there are apps that may even affect your smartphone’s network connectivity. Deleting some of your lesser-used apps or apps that you have recently downloaded may do the trick in this case.

It is always advised that you download apps on your phone only from trusted sources. Use Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download apps, because other third-party websites or app libraries often contain software that can harm your device.

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What to do when the smartphone has gone offline?

Your smartphone keeps showing the offline message and you are looking for a quick resolution? Try the following methods below:

Download that pending software update

Software updates are released by smartphone manufacturers to ensure that devices are free of bugs. There are two kinds of updates – feature updates (which install new features for your phone) and security updates (security patches meant to fix issues or bugs in your smartphone).

Downloading the latest software updates will always help you to keep your smartphone new, software-wise.

Reset your network settings

You can also reset your network settings to check if the ‘phone is offline’ message finally goes away. To do so, simply go to the settings page > click on network & internet > you will see your operator’s name > click on it and reset the network. 

The steps may vary on different versions of Android phones and on Apple devices, so you can simply search for this option on the settings app search bar and get the issue fixed.

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Make sure you have recharged your phone

Many times, it becomes hard for people to keep track of their mobile phone plans or bills. This could be one such scenario – you have simply forgotten to recharge your prepaid mobile number and hence the connection has been cut off by the telecom company. 

Ideally, telecom companies send multiple notifications before your existing plan expires, so that you complete your prepaid recharge on time. But on the off chance that you do miss out, a ‘phone is offline’ message will appear. You can connect your smartphone to any Wi-Fi connection and complete your recharge with an online recharge app, such as Airtel Thanks. Or you can ask your friends or family members to recharge your prepaid number.

‘Why is my mobile phone offline’ should be fixed by now!

If you follow all the steps or methods above, your mobile phone should start working normally by now. On the off chance that it does not, you will have to visit a mobile support centre. We hope it does not have to come to that and you can fix your device at home itself.