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How to download bill payment invoice or receipts from Airtel app!

The Airtel Thanks app is considered as a super app due to a plethora of services it offers to the users. You can recharge your number or DTH, pay your postpaid bills along with other utility bills, and even transfer money in the app using Airtel UPI or mobile wallet. With all the payment services, it also gives you an option to keep a track of your transactions and payments made using the app. You can even download the Airtel bill payment receipt using the app. It is extremely easy and convenient. Let us show you 3 different ways by which you can view your Airtel payment receipt on the app.

1. To check your transaction history and Airtel prepaid invoice

Read on to know the steps involved to check Airtel payment receipt, the easiest way.

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app, if you haven’t already.
  • You will see a page called ‘Manage’. This is the home page of the app. It features the services you use, and other options to buy everything Airtel. Locate the profile icon on the top left of the app screen. Click on it.
  • This will take you to your Thanks profile tab. Your name and number will be mentioned here. Additionally, there are quick links to your services, bank profile, settings, and notifications.

Below that you will also find various options like Thanks Benefits, bills, transactions, etc.

  • Here, you need to click on ‘Transactions’ tab to check Airtel payment receipt. You will be redirected to a new page called ‘Transaction History’.
  • The content of the page is as follows:- All your previous Airtel prepaid bill invoice along with date, amount, and Order ID.
  • It also mentions the time period for which transactions are displayed. You can change these dates using the ‘Modify’ button to even check previous Airtel prepaid bill invoice.

2. To view your UPI, Recharge & bills, Utilities and other Airtel payment receipt at one place

Another way to find all your transactions, be it recharge related, or utility bill payment related, at one place is the following one:

  • Find the ‘Pay’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on it. This tab is dedicated to Airtel Thanks banking services including Airtel UPI, mobile wallet, Airtel Payments Bank, and more.
  • Scroll down till the end of the page. You will 3 different options.
    – Payment Settings
    – Transaction History
    – Get Help
  • Click on ‘Transaction History.’ Unlike the first method, here, transaction history is segregated in 3 further options.
    – Airtel UPI transactions
    – Airtel Recharge and Bills
    Utilities and Others
  • If you click on Airtel UPI transactions, you will be able to see all your UPI transactions made using the Thanks app.

The details will include name of the beneficiary, their UPI ID, Ref Number, date and time of the transaction, along with amount of money paid/transferred with the status of the transaction (Success/Fail/Pending).

  • In Airtel Recharge and Bills, you will be able to see similar details as Method 1. You can get your Airtel prepaid bill invoice here. All your recharges and bills will be mentioned here along with the amount of recharge, Order ID, and the modify button.Look out for the ‘Repeat’ button to easily repeat a recharge of the same value. Check postpaid bill payment receipt and Airtel recharge receipt here.
  • The Utility and Others option offers Airtel bill receipt of transactions done for utility bill payment like electricity, water, or gas. There are 2 options here including Account Transactions and Other transactions. You can use the toggle to check both options of Airtel payment receipt.

3. Learn how to download invoice from Airtel app

If you wish to download invoice in the Airtel Thanks app, you need to head over to the ‘Help’ tab.

  • Click on ‘transaction history.’
  • Your Airtel prepaid bill invoice will be present here. Thereafter, click on ‘View all’ to check all your previous transactions.
  • Now select the transaction you want to download the invoice/receipt for. You will be redirected to a new page. Here, you will find all the relevant details of the transactions including amount, payment method, transaction ID, and transaction date.
  • After this, at the bottom of the page, there’s a button called ‘Download Receipt.’ Click on the button to download the receipt in PDF format on your phone.
  • The PDF version of the receipt is extremely detailed, therefore it can be quite helpful.

You can also use the Help method 3 to view all your transactions in one place in a hassle-free manner. Thus, download the Airtel Thanks app to explore its various features and benefits today.