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How and Where to Stick FASTag?

Planning a weekend vacation to the nearest hill station or the beaches? Want to take your car but the problem of toll plazas making you reluctant? Not anymore, because FASTag is here. FASTag is now compulsory on all cars in India, where you can simply zoom past toll plazas and the money gets debited from your bank account with the help of RFID scanners.

The introduction of FASTag in our daily lives has made travelling on Indian highways incredibly convenient. In fact, there was a time when people used to avoid highways because of the constant congestion, but those days are now a thing of the past. Now you can simply recharge your FASTag with an UPI payments app and plan your next weekend trip to your favourite destinations! 

By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea of how to stick FASTag to your car and which is the perfect place to stick FASTag so that the whole process of paying toll tax at toll booths remains simple. 

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Which is the best place to stick my FASTag?

Knowing how and where to affix your FASTag is a crucial step because only then can you finally escape the hustle and bustle of toll plazas. Here is a step-based guide on how to stick FASTag to your car and where to stick FASTag:

Choose the perfect location for FASTag installation

Look for a suitable place on your car’s windshield where you can fix the FASTag. While choosing the place, make sure it does not hinder what you see when you are driving. Some of the best places to fix your FASTag are on the upper corners of the windshield, or the upper central area of the windshield.

Ensure your windshield is clean

Make sure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning the part of the windshield where you plan to fix your FASTag. Use any mild detergent or a glass cleaner and remove all the dust, dirt, or any debris because all these can affect the adhesion of the FASTag sticker.

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Peel off the adhesive strip from your FASTag

Now, carefully peel off the adhesive strip on your FASTag sticker. While doing so, remember that you should not touch the adhesive side because then its effects will reduce.

Place the FASTag carefully

The next step is to apply the FASTag on the place that you had identified earlier. While applying the FASTag sticker, ensure that the barcode and the FASTag logo are facing outwards, since it helps in scanning at toll plazas. 

Press the FASTag and hold it

Once you have affixed the FASTag onto your windshield, make sure to press and hold the sticker down on your windshield for a short period. This helps the FASTag sticker’s adhesive to hold on to the windshield better. This step is important because when your car travels on the highway, your FASTag will not get loose and fly away.

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Test the FASTag placement

Once you have successfully fixed the FASTag and followed all the steps given above, drive past a toll booth to ensure that your FASTag is working perfectly. Do notice if the RFID scanners are able to scan your FASTag with ease.

Maintain visibility for scanners

When you install your FASTag, ensure that there are no other elements around it. This provides greater visibility to the RFID scanners and your toll tax collection process is much easier. 

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Things to remember while sticking your FASTag to your car

Here is a list of things that you should remember while applying the FASTag to your car:

  • The windshield must be clean otherwise the FASTag sticker adhesive will not be applied properly and fly away when you are driving your car at higher speeds.
  • Choose the right spot to affix your FASTag, and keep it away from metallic-coated items, tinted films, etc.
  • Do not touch the adhesive side of the FASTag sticker 
  • Do not disturb the placement of the FASTag sticker once you have applied it on your car windshield.
  • Test your FASTag before you go on a trip to ensure everything is working well
  • Keep checking your FASTag regularly and look for signs of wear and tear. If you think your FASTag is damaged, then you can re-apply for a newer one from your FASTag issuer.

Therefore, carefully attach the FASTag to your car and drive your car on India’s beautiful highways without any hiccups.