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A beginner’s guide to Broadband and how it works

Internet broadband has become increasingly popular due to its high speed and numerous benefits. It allows everyone, be it university students or working professionals, to download large files, interact on discussion boards, seamlessly stream content, and play online games with relative ease. All in all, it has significantly helped in enhancing the lives of many people.

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Due to its growing demand, a broadband internet connection is made available in more and more areas at increasingly affordable rates. Its wide range of accessibility ensures that users are able to choose a specially curated plan based on their needs. But before giving in and purchasing a new internet broadband connection, it is necessary to understand a few important details about broadband.

We’ve covered everything you need to know, right from the to the basics of broadband to how it works. So, let’s dive right into it:

What is a broadband connection?

Broadband is an always-on internet connection that was first introduced in the late ‘90s. Broadband replaced older forms of internet connection that were popular back then, especially the dial-up service that only used an audible frequency of telephone lines.

But since an internet broadband connection uses a separate frequency, unlike a dial-up service, it stays connected at all times. Therefore, with a broadband connection, it is easier to surf the internet at top-notch speed.

Today, there are five main types of broadband connections: fiber-optic, cable, satellite, wireless broadband, and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Let’s understand them in detail below:


It is a relatively new type of broadband that transmits data using light. It is considered the fastest form of internet connection.


It enables cable operators to offer a broadband network using coaxial cables to deliver high-quality sound and pictures. This type of broadband connection is extremely helpful for video conferencing or online streaming.


It is a form of internet connection that provides links to broadband using satellites. This type of broadband is widely used in remote or sparsely populated areas.

Wireless Broadband

This is one of the most commonly used broadband connections. Wireless broadband typically uses a radio link to connect computers to the service provider’s facility and then to our internet.


A wireless transmission technology that transfers data over traditional coppers lines is termed Digital Subscriber Line, popularly known as DSL.

Now that we’ve understood the basics of broadband, let’s proceed further to learn the simple working of an internet broadband connection. Here, take a look:

As mentioned above, a broadband connection typically uses a dedicated line for the transmission of data. However, these lines usually vary from one connection to the other.

  • DSL broadband generally uses copper phone wires
  • Cable internet makes use of the same coaxial cable as our TVs
  • Fiber-optic connection utilises specialised fiber-optic cables
  • For a wireless connection, there are multiple options, such as 4G/5G LTE

Typically, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers to provide users with the required devices and equipment. While some may have an infrastructure, the rest of them will come home via a fixed-line. However, many services may not always require a line. So, check with the ISP beforehand.

To get a broadband network, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Look for the best ISPs that offer a broadband connection in your area. Check the Airtel website as it offers affordable plans in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and the Hyderabad region.
  2. Check their plans and offers.
  3. Compare the available broadband plans based on the price and the features you’re interested in.
  4. Finalise the preferred plan.
  5. Then, speak with the broadband provider.

In a nutshell, a good broadband connection has lately become one of the basic needs that everybody requires. So make the right choice that ensures you enjoy everything the online world has to offer.

Airtel Broadband is one of the trustworthy options when it comes to internet broadband. So, look into their plans and choose the one that suits your needs. Happy surfing!