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Wireless broadband connection

How to change your Wi-Fi password and name?

These days, it is crucial to have a Wi-Fi connection as it helps you to stay connected with everyone and conduct remote work or even for learning purposes. However, it is rather important to have a secure connection else you’re at risk of losing your personal information. Also, someone could hack into your Wi-Fi and use it for free, while you’d be the one paying for it. Someone could also change the password of your Wi-Fi and you’d not be able to use it at all – you see where we’re going with this? Therefore, it’s important to keep changing your Wi-Fi passwords frequently, so as, to avoid these problems in the longer run.

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Don’t know how to change Wi-Fi password? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

How to change Wi-Fi password

To change your Wi-Fi/broadband password, you have to access your router’s configuration page, then log in using your current details, and change the password by going to the wireless settings menu.

1: Opening your router’s configuration page

For this, you will need a computer connected to your network. Go to a web browser on that computer and then you will be able to access your router’s configuration page. On the browser’s address bar, enter,,,,, or One of these addresses should grant you access to the configuration page.  

2: Entering your router’s username and password

After accessing your router’s configuration page, enter your details such as username and password.

3: Opening the wireless section

After logging in, go to the wireless section of the configuration page. The name may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; however, it is essentially on the lines of ‘wireless’.

4: Changing the password

After you have reached the wireless section, you will have to find a box named password where you can enter your new password. Sometimes, it is possible that you might have to type the password twice to confirm the same. It is recommended that you keep a very strong password, preferably a combination of numbers, special characters, and more than eight letters.

It is wise to keep a password that is not personally related to you (name, birthday, etc.) so that others are unable to guess it. However, try and keep a password you can easily remember so that you don’t get locked out of your own Wi-Fi, or you could write it down somewhere, just in case you forget it in the future.

How to change the Wi-Fi name?

In the same section, you can change your wifi network name too. Now, all you have to do is save the changes to get a new password and name! Doing this will prevent someone from stealing your bandwidth or hacking into your Wi-Fi.

Airtel broadband plans

Now that you have understood how to change Wi-Fi name and password, let us take a look at some of the most popular Wi-Fi plans in India which are offered by Airtel:

  1. The Basic plan: Priced at Rs 499, this plan offers up to 40 Mbps with unlimited data and Local/STD calls. Additional benefits include an Xstream Premium subscription.
  2. The Standard Plan: Priced at Rs 799, this plan offers up to 100 Mbps with unlimited data and Local/STD calls. You also get an Xstream Premium subscription.
  3. The Entertainment Plan: Priced at Rs 999, this plan offers up to 200 Mbps with unlimited data and Local/STD calls. It also provides streaming app subscriptions (Disney+ Hotstar, Xstream Premium and Amazon Prime Video).
  4. The Professional Plan: Priced at Rs 1498, this plan offers up to 300 Mbps with unlimited data, Local/STD calls, and streaming app subscriptions (Netflix Basic, Disney+ Hotstar, Xstream Premium and Amazon Prime Video).
  5. The Infinity Plan: Priced at Rs 3999, this plan offers up to 1 Gbps with unlimited data and Local/STD calls. Multiple OTT benefits are also included: Netflix Premium, Disney+ Hotstar, Xstream Premium and Amazon Prime Video.

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Benefits of Airtel Xstream broadband connection

With these plans, you can enjoy high-speed internet and a strong wireless broadband connection. You will also be able to enhance your streaming experience with Airtel Xstream which offers complimentary subscriptions to many OTT apps. On these apps, you will find a variety of entertaining content ranging across several genres such as action, entertainment, romance, drama, comedy, and more. Enjoy all this for free from the comfort of your home.

These plans are especially great during the Covid-19 pandemic as they provide a lot of data to carry out remote learning as well as work. You can conduct video conferences and meetings with multiple people, give presentations, etc. All you must do is subscribe to a plan that best meets your internet and streaming requirements and take your digital life to a next level.

Airtel broadband also provides you with a wide variety of plans. You will finally get a Wi-Fi network on which you can depend upon. Zero downtime, dual-band routers, excellent customer service and more – get it all with Airtel Xstream fibre.

While this was on the plans, we hope you’re also well-informed now on how to change your Wi-Fi username and password.