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Best site to download PC Games for free

Top 20 Websites to Download PC Games for Free

Any gaming aficionados in the house? Well, you would be spoilt for choice with several gaming sites to refer to. If you’re scouting for the best site to download pc games for free or in search of free pc games sites, then your search should end right here!

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In this blog post, we will discuss the best websites to download pc games for free in detail. From strategy and puzzle games to sporting and adventure games, this list has something to offer each of you. Read on!

Best Free Game download websites for PC

Websites Website URL Top Games to Download
  • Steam
https://store.steampowered.com/ Dota, Counter Strike, Rust, Lost Ark, Warframe
  • Epic Games 
https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/ Fortnite, Dauntless, Fall Guys, Hitman 3
  • Origin
https://www.ea.com/games/library/pc-download Titanfall, Star Wars, Dragon Age, The Sims, Apex Legends
  • Blizzard aka Battle.net
https://us.shop.battle.net/ World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo
  • Softpedia
https://games.softpedia.com/ Heroes of the Storm, Gwent, Dirty Bomb, Team Fortress
  • Ocean of games
https://oceansofgamess.com/ GTA Vice City, GTA 5, Tekken, FIFA 2022, Minecraft, NFS
  • My real games
https://www.myrealgames.com/ Billiard Master, The Rise of Atlantis, Chronicles of Albian
  • My Play City
https://www.myplaycity.com Big Farm, Forge of Empires, My Little Farmies
  • itch.io
https://itch.io/ Holocure, Adventures with Anxiety, A Short Hike
  • GOG
https://itch.io/ The Witcher, The Legacy of Kain
  • FitGirl Repacks
https://fitgirl-repack.com/ The Seekers Survival, Shardpunk
  • OldGamesdownload.com
https://oldgamesdownload.com/ Actual Golf, Alundra, Williams Pinball Classics
  • GamesJolt
https://gamejolt.com/ DarkStory, Aurascope, Toasterball
  • OvaGames
https://www.ovagames.com/ Dredge, House Party, Myst-GOG
  • The PcGames.net
https://thepcgames.net/ Battlefield V, Urtuk, Jump Force
  • Softonic
https://en.softonic.com/ World of Tanks, World of Warships, Elden Ring
  • Humble Bundle
https://www.humblebundle.com/ Borderlands, Streefighter, Boltgun
  • Skyrim Games
http://www.skyrimgames.com The Elder Scrolls
  • MyPlayCity
https://www.myplaycity.com/ Big Farm, Goodgame Empire, Elvenar
  • GameTrex
https://gametrex.com/ Heard of a Warrior, Essence of The Tjikko

Here is detailed information about top 10 game downloading websites. Keep reading to know more!

1. Steam – Free PC game downloading website

One of the oldest licensed gaming downloads platforms, Steam is the go-to choice for several gaming freaks looking for free PC games. It is safe and reliable to use and has numerous game titles from globally recognized studios, indie creators, developers, etc. Right from strategy, adventure, and sports to casual and RPG, you’re in for a complete treat with Steam. Its quick downloading speed coupled with multiplayer support is an added advantage for gamers in the house.

2. Epic Games Store 

A well-known gaming company that provides reliable and free games to users, the Epic Games Store stands apart from its competitors, thanks to its ‘Support A Creator’ program. Through this program, the Epic Games Store strives to encourage and support content creators on several live-streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. This gaming site is slowly emerging amongst the top contenders and is touted to be one of the best rivals to Steam. You will find several free game titles including big names (limited-time download) on this site.

Some of the titles include World of Warships and Genshin Impact amongst many others. The prices of the paid version of the games are reflected on the front page. One of the biggest pros of this game download site is that you can play even in offline mode, without an internet connection. It has free games available each week. Also, the DND feature allows you to play games without any disturbance or message notifications. The download speed could potentially be slow in some cases, so you can go for high-speed plans provided by Airtel Broadband that should help boost the speed.

 3. Origin – Free PC game downloading website

Owned and operated by Electronic Arts (EA), Origin is amongst the largest gaming companies in the world and its popularity reflects in the titles it holds, such as FIFA, Mass Effect, and Madden, to name a few. Origin contains a huge library of premium games, however, the free download links on this site are available for a short period of time. Origin frequently launches several new free games and free trial versions for users. The download speed and game patches are auto-installed, enriching the players’ overall gaming experience. Some of its features include social media and console account integration, built-in Twitch streaming, and in-depth profile management.

 4. Blizzard aka Battle.net

Earlier known as Battle.net, the site which got officially renamed as Blizzard (in 2016) is a well-known game distribution platform offering free and reliable PC games for download. It is owned and operated by Activision Blizzard. It includes famous titles such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Diablo. If you love connecting with friends, then this site also has some interesting social features that can be explored. This is quite a user-friendly site, and it allows the users to try out the paid version of the games for free before making the purchase. Players from all over the world can compete against one another on this gaming site.

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 5. Softpedia – Free PC game downloading website

Softpedia is a free downloads hub providing full-version games’ downloads links for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users. From puzzle games, adventure games, and RPGs to survival games, one can find some interesting free games to download. There is a free games section and even the paid ones are reasonably priced. Also, another advantage is you do not need to install additional software and you can directly download the games. 

 6. Ocean of Games – Free PC game downloading website

Ocean of Games provides free gaming download links in a variety of genres. From sporting games like NBA 2K and action games like Immortal Unchained to Assassin’s Creed, and Star Wars: Battlefront, you’ll surely find an entire ocean of some amazing free games here. While the layout and interface of this site may seem to be a bit too basic, the search option simplifies your task of finding the best games to download for free. This site supports both single and multiplayer games and, and the direct downloads are quite speedy. You can download games that are as large as 60 GB in size.

7. My Real Games – Free PC game downloading website

Enjoy unlimited playback and download free games with My Real Games. This website specifically has a large collection of card games and pool games, so any card or pool lovers in the house, know where to head! They also have some casual games such as Treasure Island, Magic Farm, Cake Shop, etc. You will also find brain teasers, bubble shooters, and so on. Be rest assured of safe and reliable free downloads as the site is free of viruses, spyware, and in-game ads. Another plus point is that you do not need to register or log in to use this site for free games download.

8. My Play City – Free PC game downloading website

If you’re on the hunt for a website that offers casual games in abundance, then My Play City should feature at the top of your list. It is one of the largest publishers of free online casual games. An added advantage is that the site provides a complete version of premium computer games. From shooting games, and racing games to puzzle games, this website has something for each of you. Also, you do not need to enter your email address or any other details on the site for downloading the games. However, it should be noted that most of the free games on this site are available for Windows only. 

9. Itch.io

Search, download, and distribute some of the best indie games online with Itch.io. This website offers plenty of free PC games majorly for Windows, while the rest are also supported on Linux and macOS. Any game developers here can also create a page that would enable the users to purchase or download the game. A specific free version of games also supports 3D visuals. You need to download the zip files, convert the files and enjoy free online gaming! Along with free games, the site also offers a premium paid version of various games.

10. GOG – Free PC game downloading website

GOG, earlier known as Good Old Games is one of the best places to find old classic games such as Rise of the Dragon, Jazz Jackrabbit, and so on. The website offers a vast library of games, some of which are also free for PC download. They offer a couple of premium games for free every year and host interesting giveaways that last for 2 days at least. You can find many popular titles at discounted prices too, such as Frostpunk, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. One of its core features is that its DRM-free, hence, there are no anti-piracy mechanisms. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Do not forget to check out their free games section and limited-time discount on games.

So, that was it from our end on some of the top sites to download pc games for free. We would suggest that you choose a fast broadband connection to download all these games too. That’s why, getting Airtel’s Xstream broadband makes sense here. From all your online gaming needs to working from home, or even studies – Airtel broadband can do it all for you.