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10 things to do if your credit card is stolen or lost

If you have just lost your credit card, or worse, if it has been stolen, it can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience. However, you should not lose hope in such a case. The most important fact that you have to consider when your credit card is stolen or lost is that time is of the essence. 


So without delaying you any further, let’s take a look at what you can do when your credit card has been stolen or lost. But, if you have already blocked your previous credit card and just want to upgrade, then, look no further than the Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card. Apply for this credit card instantly, get savings of up to ₹16,000 each year, and much more, from the Airtel Thanks app

Stay calm and make sure you act quickly

First and foremost, stay calm. Panicking can cloud your judgement. The quicker you act, the better you can minimise any sort of harm that may arise when your credit card is stolen or lost. A clear mind will help you take the necessary steps to secure your finances.

Report your credit card loss or theft immediately

Contact your credit card issuer as soon as you realise your card is missing. Most issuers have 24/7 customer service lines specifically for reporting lost or stolen cards. Reporting the loss immediately helps prevent unauthorised transactions and limits your liability. Many credit card companies provide a toll-free number for such emergencies, which you will find on the credit card website or the billing statement.

Check your recent transactions for anything suspicious

Carefully review your recent account activity for any unauthorised transactions. Make sure to document any suspicious charges and inform your card issuer. Prompt reporting of fraudulent charges can help you avoid being held responsible for them. Once again, remember that time is of high importance in such a case, so you need to act swiftly. 

Block or freeze your credit card

Blocking or freezing your card prevents new transactions but allows existing automatic payments to go through. As a result, it gives you enough time to deal with the loss or theft of your credit card, without affecting the payments of your automatic transactions that you have enabled on your credit card. 

Report your credit card theft to the police

If you believe your card was stolen, file a report with your local police. A police report can be useful when dealing with creditors and identity theft issues. It serves as official documentation of the theft and can aid in investigations if needed. Provide as much information as possible, including the last known location of your card and any suspicious activities that you have seen on your credit card bill, while you are filing the First Investigation Report (FIR).

Remember to update your automatic payments

List all automatic payments linked to your lost or stolen card, such as subscription services, utilities, and memberships. Once you receive your new card, update your payment information to avoid any missed payments and late fees. This ensures that you keep enjoying the benefit of automatic payments on all your services.

Monitor your credit report

Keep an eye on your credit report for any new accounts or loans opened in your name. You can get a free credit report from CIBIL by going to their website.


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Notify the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

If you face difficulties with your bank regarding a lost or stolen credit card, you can escalate the issue to the RBI’s banking ombudsman. The RBI has guidelines to protect consumers and ensure fair resolution of disputes. 

Change your online banking passwords

Immediately change the passwords of your online banking accounts and other financial accounts linked to the stolen credit card. Use strong, unique passwords to enhance security and prevent unauthorised access.


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Set up account alerts for your new credit card

Once your new card is issued, set up account alerts to receive notifications of any transactions. Most credit card companies offer the ability to receive email or text alerts for various activities, such as purchases over a certain amount or international transactions. These alerts help you stay informed about your account activity and quickly spot any unauthorised transactions.


Losing your credit card or having it stolen is an unfortunate event, but knowing the steps to take can significantly reduce the impact. One of the most important things that you need to remember when your credit card has been lost or stolen is that you still have some time on your hands to protect your financial data.