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Calculate Your Personal Loan EMI Using Excel

Personal Loan Equated Monthly Instalment, commonly known as Personal Loan EMI, refers to the fixed amount of money that a borrower pays to the lender on a specific date each month as repayment of the loan taken. This monthly instalment includes a portion of the principal loan amount and the levied interest. The EMI is designed to stay constant throughout the loan tenure, providing the borrower with the benefit of predictable and manageable repayment schedules.


The concept of EMI allows borrowers to plan the monthly expenditure effectively, ensuring one can balance the loan repayments along with the other financial obligations. The calculation of EMI primarily depends on three factors: the amount of loan (principal), the interest rate applied by the lender, and the tenure of the loan. 

Understanding the Concept of EMI

Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) is calculated using three key components: the loan amount, the rate of interest, and the loan tenure. Each EMI payment comprises a part of the principal amount and the interest on the loan.


Understanding your Personal Loan EMI is crucial as it helps you assess your repayment capacity, enabling you to choose a loan amount and tenure that aligns with your financial capabilities. This, in turn, minimises the risk of default and aids in maintaining a healthy credit score. With various online tools and calculators available today, calculating your Personal Loan EMI has become a simple and straightforward process.


The Role of Excel in EMI Calculation


Microsoft Excel, a versatile tool that most of us have on our computers, can help us to calculate our loan EMI with ease. Excel has a built-in function – the EMI function in Excel, also known as the PMT function, which makes calculating EMI a fairly simple job.


Calculate your personal loan EMIs and interest rates easily using the Airtel Personal Loan EMI calculator. Here’s how one can do it:


  • Just visit the website, go to Airtel Finance, and navigate towards the EMI calculator. 
  • Enter the amount and the tenure.
  • Once you have done that, adjust the tenure and loan amount to see the average interest amount.


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Step-by-step Guide to Calculating Your Personal Loan EMI Using Excel


Now that we know how to calculate EMI online, let us go through a step-by-step process of calculating the EMI of our personal loan through Excel:


Step 1: Open Excel and, in a blank worksheet, create labels for “Loan Amount,” “Interest Rate,” “Tenure,” and “EMI” in cells A1 to A4.


Step 2: Enter the corresponding values in cells B1 to B3. For example, if our loan amount is £10,000, the annual interest rate is 15%, and the tenure is 2 years, we enter these values in B1, B2, and B3, respectively.


Step 3: In cell B4, we type the following formula: =PMT(B2/12, B3*12, B1), and then press Enter. This EMI formula in Excel with example calculates the EMI for the given loan details. The PMT function calculates the payment for a loan based on constant payments and a constant interest rate.


How to Enter Your Loan Details in Excel


It’s important to note that while entering the “Interest Rate” and “Tenure”, we need to adjust them according to the payment frequency. Since EMIs are paid monthly, we divide the annual interest rate by 12 (months) and multiply the tenure by 12.

Interpreting the EMI Calculation Results

Upon pressing Enter, Excel will display the EMI amount in cell B4. This amount will be negative, which is standard in Excel for outgoing payments. We can change it to positive by adding a minus sign before the formula.


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The Benefits of Calculating Your EMI Using Excel


Calculating EMI using Excel offers various benefits. It’s quick, accurate, and allows us to play around with different loan scenarios. It’s also a great way to understand how changes in loan parameters impact our EMI. This method also works wonders when we don’t have access to the internet but need to calculate the EMI on our laptop or smartphone. 


Troubleshooting Common Errors in Excel EMI Calculation


If we encounter an error while calculating the EMI, we should check if we’ve entered the correct formula and values. Also, ensure that the interest rate and tenure are adjusted for the payment frequency.


Tips for Managing Our Personal Loan EMI


Once we know our EMI, we can plan our monthly budget accordingly:


  • It is key that we understand the concept of EMI and accordingly opt for the amount. 
  • If we find the EMI to be too high, we can consider opting for a longer tenure to reduce it.
  • Just remember, the bigger the amount and the longer the tenure, the shorter the EMI. 


In conclusion, Excel is a powerful tool that can make EMI calculations simple and straightforward. With it, we can take control of our loan repayments and better manage our finances.