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5G gaming

Benefits of 5G Technology for Gamers in India

5G is finally here. It was launched at an IMC or Indian Mobile Congress Event in New Delhi. The wait is over. Telecom partners like Airtel have brought significant amount of 5G spectrum and have already rolled out their 5G services in select cities. While 5G will transform almost every aspect of our online lives, it will impact the gaming industry at a whole another level. 5G gaming is undoubtedly a boon for gamers who were tired of losing due to unstable and unreliable internet connection.

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So, if you are also asking, “Is 5G better for gaming?”, the answer is yes! It is ten times better than a 4G network for gaming. Your 5G SIM card can definitely do wonders for you as a gamer.

In today’s article, we will get more granular as to how 5G and gaming make a good synergy. We will also try to answer as to how 5G in gaming can assist you to play your first and other games seamlessly without any lag and low latency.

How 5G’s arrival will change the Gaming Landscape in India?

Be it a PC gamer or a mobile gamer, 5G’s arrival will up your and the gaming industry’s game. Let’s see how.

Say Goodbye to High Latency and Lag

Every gamer knows how high latency and lag in the game can make or break a game. A difference of a millisecond can put you as a gamer in winning or losing position. Most of the 4G networks have a latency rate of 30-40 milliseconds which can impact the game’s response rate and frames per second. But the new 5G network offers gamers a latency rate of just 5 milliseconds. That means your input in the game and the game’s response will just take 5 milliseconds!

Games can definitely rely on their 5G networks for faster response rate and zero flickering and lag.

Cloud Gaming made possible

Cloud gaming is the future of gaming and 5G can make it possible. Before getting into 5G’s contribution to cloud gaming, let’s understand what cloud gaming is.

What is Cloud gaming?

Usually, when we play a game on our phone or PC, we download the game in our device. This requires storage, processing power, and power consumption. Remember how older model PCs couldn’t play the new GTA 5 game. It is because the older PCs didn’t have the processing power or sometimes the storage to run the game smoothly.

How it works?

With cloud gaming in picture, this issue is eliminated. Why? Well, in cloud gaming, the game doesn’t need to get downloaded in the device. It enables gamers to access and play games using a live-streamed link. Meaning, the game is being stored on the cloud, run on virtual machines, and is being played there, not on your device. Your phone or your PC is just a tool to access the game.


Why Cloud gaming is the future and how can 5G help?

Given that cloud gaming runs online, it requires a fast, low latency, and stable network. 5G can offer the same. You must be wondering why do we even need cloud gaming? Cloud gaming makes games, even extremely sophisticated games accessible to all gamers, even without heavy infrastructure or a powerful system. 5G in gaming takes precedence over 4G and other networks in terms of latency and speed. And therefore, 5G will chalk out the future of gaming in India.


Game streaming has been seeing a growing audience in past couple of years. We all know how loved the DOTA tournament is, and how online multiplayer tournaments are becoming quite structured in their approach. To put in simple words, games are not just games anymore. They have their own tournaments, world championships, competitions, etc., just like any other sport.

Streaming games for a worldwide audience require fast and stable network. Just like we don’t want to miss even a single assist in a football game, the audiences don’t want to miss a single kill or tactical move. 5G in gaming can help streamers stream games online on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc., without any lags or flickers in the highest video quality possible.

AR and VR world with 5G

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are entering our lives and the gaming world at a rapid pace. These games have some mandatory network requirements like low latency, reliability, and really high bandwidth. Why? Because everything which happens with VR or AR happens in real time. With 5G in gaming, the processing power of these games can stay in the cloud and will allow VR headsets to free from cords, providing a real like experience. Gamers will also be able to receive haptic feedback.

Accessibility in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities

Up till now, serious gaming requires set hardware and software infrastructure. Therefore, gaming is somewhat restricted to Tier 1 metropolitan cities. With 5G in picture (assuming it’s accessible to most parts of the country including Tier 2 and 3 cities), many more users will be able to take up and enjoy gaming. Once again, cloud gaming contributes to this growth in user base.

With 5G in picture, even simple smartphones will provide excellent graphics, audio-visual, and sophisticated gaming experience to everyone, doesn’t matter which part of the country they reside in. In short, the popularity of mobile gaming will soar high with 5G in gaming.

A small 5G prepaid or postpaid recharge can give users the best gaming experience.

Better multiplayer gaming experience

While multiplayer gaming is really looking up in India, it still hasn’t reached its true potential. We believe your 5G mobile network can help with this. The 5G network is more reliable than 4G. Therefore, it can accommodate multiplayer games (of high numbers) with concurrent players, without any glitch or lag. The low latency of the 5G network will be able to provide the best and fastest response time game experience to all the players in a game at a particular time.

Note: You can use 5G for both prepaid and postpaid SIM.

The 5G network is already transforming the world around us. With its launch in India, the future of mobile gaming and network looks bright, and most importantly lighting fast.