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Best postpaid family plan

How to Choose the Postpaid Family Plan

Many of us have postpaid family connections. And it is a great idea when you look at it. These postpaid family plans help you to save big on your monthly mobile phone bills. In addition, you get the benefit of having multiple connections integrated into a single plan. Moreover, many connections offer additional benefits with a postpaid plan. Benefits such as free data rollover, international calling, and access to free OTT are to name a few.

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Now, if you are on a prepaid connection or a single postpaid plan and wish to make the switch to family plans, there are certain factors that you have to consider. Before anything else, you need to have an idea of the number of connections that you will need. The regular Airtel postpaid family plan starts with one additional SIM card. However, if your needs are greater, then you can even get 2 or more additional SIM cards with your Airtel postpaid family plan.

Wondering what the best Airtel family plan is? Well, there can be no straight or direct answer for the same. Simply because the Airtel postpaid plans can be many, and so do your needs. As a result, we need to analyse some of the factors.

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How can I know which Airtel postpaid plans are best for me?

As we have already pointed out before, you need to have a clear idea of how many connections you will need with your new Airtel postpaid plan. Up next, these are what you have to think about:

Data allowance

Mobile data is a very important part of our daily lives. Simply put, we cannot do without it. And with a family postpaid plan, you will surely have to look at the total data you are getting.

OTT benefits

Airtel offers a wide variety of postpaid plans, even for family postpaid connections. In addition, you can also get plenty of OTT benefits with your Airtel network. However, look across these postpaid benefits carefully before you complete the recharge.

Compare multiple Airtel postpaid family plans

It is advised that you make a careful comparison of all the Airtel family postpaid plans that are on offer. Simply do not go for the first Airtel postpaid family plan that you see. Have a look at the other Airtel plans on offer and then make an informed decision.

Price is also key

Finally, you have to think about the budget. One of the key reasons that you are choosing a family postpaid plan is that you wish to save more. Now if your postpaid plan ends up costing you more than what you were paying previously, then the whole need to port your number to a family plan becomes pointless. Choose the family postpaid plan that suits your needs. Even if you do go over budget, check if that is helping you to get more benefits than what you were getting previously.

With a little research, you can easily find the best Airtel postpaid family plan for your needs.

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What are the Airtel family postpaid plans?

These are the Airtel family postpaid plans that you can get:

Airtel Postpaid Family Plans
Rental ₹599 ₹999 ₹1199 ₹1499
No. of connections 2 4 4 5
Price per connection ₹300 ₹250 ₹300 ₹300
Calling Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS 100/day 100/day 100/day 100/day
Data 105 GB 190 GB 240 GB 320 GB
(75 + 1*30) (100 + 3*30) (150 + 3*30) (200 + 4*30)
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Xstream Mobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Xstream Mobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Netflix Basic, Xstream Mobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Netflix Standard
  • Xstream Mobile Pack
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Disclaimer: The plans and the plan benefits are subject to change without prior notice. Carefully look at the plan and its benefits before completing your mobile recharge.

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Thus, there is a wide variety of Airtel postpaid family plans for you to choose from. Furthermore, complete your online mobile recharge for these packs from the Airtel Thanks app to claim all the OTT benefits that are mentioned in this plan.