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How to Fix Phone Overheating Issue?

All phones do get hot, after a certain time or because of some issue. Now, overheating of your phone is a common issue, but does it happen too often? And is your often getting so hot that it hurts to touch? Then you might need to look into the overheating issue of your phone a bit more closely. 

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It is definitely odd if your phone heats up to levels that other devices do not. In this blog, let us take a closer look at phones getting overheated and how it can be fixed.

Why is my phone getting so hot?

There are multiple reasons which eventually make your phone heat up (higher than normal), such as overuse, overcharging, a lot of direct heat and many more. In addition, outdated software on your smartphone can also start affecting the performance of your device and cause it to heat up abnormally. 

Here are some of the most common causes of why your phone may be heating up more than the usual levels:

  • Direct sunlight can heat up your smartphone
  • An overloaded CPU could also cause your device to heat up
  • If you have too many apps open on your phone, it will heat up faster
  • When power-intensive apps are open
  • A faulty battery or a charging cable with power issues
  • Wireless charging can also make your phone hot
  • If you play games on your phone for a very long time
  • Streaming videos for long hours
  • Updating your phone software could also heat it up
  • Any malware or virus in the phone

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How do I check the temperature of my phone?

Checking the temperature on your phone is easy, on both Android and iPhones. There are some Android devices where you can check the temperature by simply going to Settings > Battery Info. However, if you cannot find this feature on your phone, you can download any third-party app to check your phone temperature.

Here are some popular apps to check for battery temperatures: CPU-Z, Cooler Master, and AIDA64.

You must remember that phones getting hot is a regular occurrence, especially if the temperatures are varying around 35 degrees Celsius. In fact, 36 to 43 degrees Celsius is also normal, but any temperature above that should make you take active steps to cool the phone down.

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How can I cool my phone down?

There are multiple ways in which you can cool your phone down. However, remember to never put your smartphone in a fridge or a freezer because the sudden change of temperature can crack your phone screen.

Here are some ways which can help you to cool down the phone:

Close all the apps open on your phone

Often, the large number of apps that are running on your phone background can cause the device to heat up. Now, these apps are all power-consuming and your device processor might be working more than usual to keep so many apps working in the back. Close down all these apps the moment you feel that the device is heating up more than normal.

Remove the phone from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight or even direct heat can also be one of the primary reasons why your phone is heating up to such levels. Common places where this can happen are when you are outside in the summers or if you have kept your phone on the dashboard of your car. Now, similar to excessive cold, it is also ideal if you keep your phone away from an excessive dip in temperatures. 

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Remove your phone case to cool it down

Most of us use a phone case because it protects the device and also adds some oomph to your phone. But a case can also act as an insulator and heat your phone. If you see your phone is getting very hot very quickly, then try to invest in a more breathable and lighter phone case.

Turn on Airplane Mode for a while

It is a common occurrence where people leave their phone Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth, and plenty of other buttons on. All of this can also make your phone hotter than normal. Switch on Airplane Mode on your phone so that it cools down and is more comfortable to use.

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Remove the junk

Here are some ways in which you can remove the extra junk on your phone:

  • Delete the apps that you do not use
  • Clear cache
  • Delete files or folders that you do not need anymore

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