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Airtel 5G SIM

Do You Need a New Airtel SIM Card for 5G Connection?

The hype and craze around 5G network has been building up for a while now. Moreover, the hype increased furthermore since other countries, such as the US, already have access to 5G network. Here, in India, people were getting very anxious, and it was palpable. After all, 5G brings forward a massive revolution in the world of telecom, therefore the public sentiment towards this incredible piece of tech was justified as well. Around this time, there were plenty of questions asked around the usability and safety of 5G as well. One of the most important queries were – Do I need to upgrade to a 5G SIM card? In this blog, we will answer that, and some more necessary information related to 5G that you should know about.

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This ample excitement finally gave way to the launch of Airtel 5G in the month of October 2022. Airtel 5G is now available across some of the popular metro cities in India. In addition, the major Indian cities will also be able to experience the blazing fast speeds of 5G, by the end of 2023. Thus, here at Airtel, we promise that 5G will be there in your phone, very soon. And once it is there, you will understand just why the general public have been yearning for it, for so long. Well, if 4G gave you fast internet connection, then wait till you try 5G. We are more than sure that the massive upgrade will raise your eyebrows.

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Is 5G SIM available in India? Where to get a Airtel 5G SIM?

Looking for a 5G SIM in India or thinking about getting a 5G Ready Airtel SIM? Well, to put all your doubts and questions at ease, we are glad to announce that you will not have to upgrade to a brand new SIM card. Instead, you can just keep the 4G prepaid SIM or postpaid SIM card that you have been using beforehand.

Here at Airtel, we understand that our customers prefer a network without all the huff and puff. Providing you convenience and peace of mind, while creating a world class network coverage across the whole country has always been our highest goal. That’s why, we have ensured that we carry over the same ethos while we implement our super-fast 5G technology all across the country.

Hence, you can finally stop Googling ‘Airtel 5G SIM launch date in India’ or ‘Airtel 5G SIM launch date’ and others. Since you do not have to upgrade to a whole new SIM, you can stop worrying about the Airtel 5G SIM price as well. Just keep using your existing 4G SIM card like you were, and 5G will be made accessible to you soon enough.

Airtel 5G SIM

Port to Airtel to Get the Best 5G Network in India

Airtel has long been known amongst the very best telecom companies in India. With our 5G network, you will get speeds that are 20 to 30 times faster than 4G. We have also implemented a host of technologies that ensure 5G is even better for you. As a result, you will be able to get a 5G network that is completely free of annoying glitches or any other disturbances.

Now, to get 5G on your smartphone, we suggest that you simply port your number to Airtel. Choose from the vast range of Airtel plans and keep using them until you can finally access 5G in your area. Furthermore, if you want to know whether 5G is now available in your area, just download the Airtel Thanks app. In this app, you will be able to check whether your phone can finally access 5G in your area. It is also an incredible app related to all things Airtel, making cashless UPI payments, utility bills, and lots more.

Points to Remember Before Looking for 5G Accessibility

Get a 5G Enabled Smartphone

Just upgrading your plan to Airtel 5G won’t help. In addition to that, you also have to upgrade to a smartphone that can handle the this new 5G technology, that is why, you will need a 5G enabled mobile. Now, if you look at the market, there will be plenty of smartphones across various price brackets. Therefore, if you still haven’t gotten one, what are you waiting for? Get one as soon as you can.

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5G Software Updates

Even if you do possess a 5G smartphone, it is important that the devices let you access to 5G. This will only be made possible when smartphone manufactures send out a software update to your phone. Therefore, you might have to wait for a while before this update is finally made available to you. On the other hand, you could also check your phone for any pending updates. If there are any, you can always go ahead and install it to see if 5G is unlocked for you.

Therefore, to conclude, we would like to reassure you by saying that you do not have to get a new SIM card to get 5G. The 4G SIM that we provide is more than capable of handling 5G and all your 5G related needs. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy 5G to the fullest.

Hopefully, all your doubts regarding Airtel 5G SIM card are now resolved.