Annual Report

Africaís Conversation
is Changing

6.2 Mn Customers (51% growth from FY 2014-15) engaged through social media across Africa
4G Gabon went live on 4G in December 2015

We believe there is a great disconnect between dated perceptions and rapidly changing realities on ground in Africa. At Bharti Airtel, we are helping the continent leverage the right network and build consensus on critical socio-economic issues. We are fostering development by changing the face of communications. Africa now has a new narrative to share with the world.

Active on Social Media
During 2015-16, our social media engagement grew across Africa. The outcomes were encouraging:

Engaging More with Customers
We launched a ĎCustomer Forumí across 10 locations in Africa where customers can directly engage with Airtel and make their voice heard. Surprise engagements on birthdays and anniversaries and regular publication of newsletters helped us enhance engagement with premier and high-value customers. Their experience was highlighted through partnerships with hotels, airlines, airport lounges, among others.

Key Achievements of 2015-16

Brand Connect
Airtel Rising Stars (ARS): Airtel Rising Stars is Africaís largest grassroots under 17 football tournament, focused on providing a platform to discover the next generation of soccer stars. The tournament is played in 17 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. ARS is currently competing for the 2016 edition (6th edition) of the competition that has produced many successful footballers in the continent. We have had over 1.8 Mn boys and girls participate in ARS over the last 5 years. ARS has also provided a platform for us to engage with local communities and share our offerings.

Airtel Trace Music Stars (ATMS): The second season of ATMS began in February 2016, featuring the international Superstar Keri Hilson as the official Mentor. ATMS is the biggest mobile phone based panAfrican talent search competition; with 2.3 Mn calls made in season one.

Airtel Africa, Google TVC wins Best Creative Award at 2015 MSK Gala: Airtel Africa in partnership with Google won the Best Creative award for our co-produced TVC called The Potato at the 2015 Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) Awards. The TV commercial, which was created in collaboration with Google Inc., sought to illustrate the potential of mobile internet to change lives using online resources, such as the Google Search engine. The Award recognises our efforts in deepening internet penetration and making information accessible to spur innovation and creativity in Africa.

Network Transformation
Network Modernisation: Airtel initiated network modernisation drive by refarming / introduction of U900 / launch of LTE in Kenya, Chad, Uganda and Gabon. The modernisation drive will lead to improved connectivity and better throughput for customers.

Managed Services (MS) Insourcing / MS Transition to other MS partners: MS transition to insource or transition to other MS partners has resulted in improvement in network KPIs, customer experience, and reduced time-to-market.

Managed Capacity (MC) Insourcing: Design and planning activity insourced in all operating locations provides single end-to-end design in a multi-vendor, multitechnology environment. We initiated stronger alignment between AOP and design plan, improved quality of design and planning, optimised capex, and enhanced responsiveness and ownership.

Tower Co-transition: We divested tower assets in African countries, which enabled us to focus on our core business and customers. It also helped us to deleverage through debt reduction, and significantly reduced our on-going capital expenditure on passive infrastructure.

Access Agnostic Packet Core Network (AAPCN): It was rolled out in all locations of Airtel Africa to transform the legacy packet core into end user intensive, modernised network; supporting Airtelís journey towards being the best data service provider in Africa.

Interactive End of Bundle Notification (IEOBN): It was rolled out across nine operating locations. This prevented data bundle users bill shock, facilitate data bundle purchase when customer has depleted his bundle increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Product Launches

Wynk Music Airtel Branded Music Application
FreeBasics FreeBasics is a zero rated portal limited to text content. Rich content like images, video, music are chargeable and can be activated directly on FreeBasics with user consent, to protect against data revenue cannibalisation.
Tap2Bill Tap2Bill is a primary intermediary billing platform, connected to multiple vendors. It allows mobile users pay for a range of services and digital goods through their mobile phone.
Connected Homes The connected home solution offers technology agnostic facility of data sharing, at Home (over Wi-Fi) and outside home among family, friends or colleagues.
Advice of Charge (AOC) AOC is the page a customer is redirected to when he / she exhausts his / her bundle or main account balance to alert him / her. This page can be used to purchase new bundle or browse on PayG.
One Touch Internet (OIT) Aims to bring new data users on board with three main sectors: 1. How to Videos, 2. Free Offers, 3. Advice of Charge.
Artist Management Removes intermediaries and facilitates transparent payouts between artists and Airtel with control over content distribution.