Annual Report

Corporate Social
Responsibility & Sustainability

As one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication services, we are committed to conducting our business responsibly and sustainably, with engagement and dialogue with all key stakeholders. Our network is touching and transforming the lives of millions of people across South Asia and Africa; and we are happy and honoured to partner the progress of such a huge proportion of the global population.

As a part of our corporate strategy, we are vigorously renewing our existing systems, adopting innovations across the economic, social and environmental dimensions; and making our infrastructure more energy efficient.

Transformational network has a deep and diverse connotation at Bharti Airtel.

  1. It touches all aspects of stakeholder empowerment through multiple community initiatives in the realm of education, employment generation, sanitation along with healthcare and disaster management.
  2. It emphasises upon protecting the environment, reducing the carbon footprint and collaborating with all stakeholders to help combat climate change.


A. Holistic Community Initiatives

At Bharti Airtel, our agenda is to support inclusive socio-economic progress for the development of our country. Our focus areas comprise education, employment generation, sanitation, healthcare, disaster management and environment protection, among others. We believe every small step in this direction counts; and several initiatives on the community front together can bring about enduring social change. We are building a replicable, scalable and sustainable model of development for the communities we work with.

Bharti Foundation

Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises has a vision “To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realise their potential”. It aims to achieve its vision by imparting quality education to disadvantaged sections of society across rural India. Implementing and supporting programs in the field of primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education is a key focus of the Foundation. Satya Bharti School Program, Government School interventions under its Satya Bharti Quality Support Program and Satya Bharti Learning Centres, are programs through which the Foundation supports education. The Foundation has been actively implementing ‘Satya Bharti Abhiyan’ since year 2014, to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana. Recently, it has introduced ‘Nyaya Bharti’ to provide legal and financial assistance to deserving, underprivileged undertrials languishing in jails across the country for minor offences.

Catalysts of Change: Education in Rural India

I. Satya Bharti School Program
This year the Foundation has initiated year-long celebrations, commemorating 10 years of the Satya Bharti School Program, launched in 2006 as its flagship initiative. Satya Bharti Schools, located across the villages of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are celebrating this milestone with commemorative activities throughout the celebratory year. The schools continue to deliver on the promise of transforming underprivileged children into educated, employable and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The schools provide quality education to students, completely free of cost, with a special focus on the girl child. Besides, the schools also provide welfare schemes (free mid-day meals, textbooks, notebooks, shoes, stationery, etc.) to every student.

After 10 successful years of implementation, it is pertinent to reaffirm our commitment to the primary objectives of Satya Bharti School Program, which are to:

Satya Bharti School Program – Key Performance Indicators:

Percentage of Girls49
Percentage of children from SC/ST/OBC communities75
Percentage of female teachers54
Data as on March 31, 2016.
  • 40,676
  • 254
  • 49 %
    of students are Girls

Rani Goyal, Class VIII,
Satya Bharti School, Shergarh,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Transformation at Grassroots: Creating Impact

Born in an underprivileged family, with survival being a daily challenge, Rani’s journey from illiteracy to accessing quality education from a Satya Bharti School has not been easy. She comes from the Bheel community, where illiteracy is a common phenomenon, especially among girls. Rani’s mother suffers from severe visual impairment, while her father, Maniram is a daily wage earner.

Most girls like Rani, would have buckled under such circumstances. However, Rani’s strength of character helped her convince her family that an education would not hinder her responsibilities at home. Rani resolved to say, “YES TO EDUCATION!”

The nearest Satya Bharti School is located six kilometres away from Rani’s home. Rani, did not let this deter her resolve, she began waking up at 5 a.m., completing all the household chores and only then start off for school. Her teachers noticed this remarkable girl and helped her blossom. Today, Rani is a topper in her class and also participates whole-heartedly in all co-curricular activities. Energised by her own transformation, she has begun promoting the cause of quality education in her village. Inspired by her efforts, her Father has also enrolled her siblings in Satya Bharti School, Shergarh. He says, “I am so happy that all my children are studying at Satya Bharti School; they now have the opportunity to learn and excel in life.”

Key Achievements 2015-16

II. Satya Bharti Learning Centres
The Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program focuses on the issue of Out of School Children (OOSC), in close coordination with the Government Schools. In 2012, the Foundation entered into a partnership with Educate A Child (EAC), a global initiative under the Qatar based Education Above All (EAA). The Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program aims to mainstream Out of School Children back into schools by identifying, enrolling and providing them bridge courses that bring them to an age / class appropriate level of education. The project is run in partnership with the respective State Government’s Department of Education. Based on the success of the program in Rajasthan, in 2015 it was further extended to the remote rural areas of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

  • 22,830
    Children impacted
  • 5,302
    Children enrolled

Program Approach

Satya Bharti Learning Centres – Key Performance Indicators:

Children impacted22,830
Children enrolled5,302
Children mainstreamed14,703
Percentage of girls50
Percentage of SC/ST/OBC students96
Education volunteers416**

*479 centres have been closed as most of the OOSC’s in these villages have been mainstreamed (number included in overall impact); in some villages the count of OOSC’s have dropped to such a low figure that it has gone below the minimum numbers required to run a centre, as per Government norms.

**Recruitment in progress.

Data as on March 31, 2016.

Key Achievements 2015-16

  • Program expansion into Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and more Blocks in Rajasthan.
  • 22,830 Out of School Children (OOSC) covered, 473 new centres established with enrolment of 12,282 OOSC.
  • 348 villages made OOSC free, in some cases the count of OOSC dropped to such a low figure that it went below the minimum numbers required to run a centre in the village as per Government norms.
  • Over 1,100 Education Volunteers have been trained till date.
  • Extensive appreciation and recognition received from the respective Government Education Departments, school Principals and the community.

III. Satya Bharti Quality Support Program
Launched in 2013, the Program’s objective is to support Government schools in their journey towards holistic quality education and to make schools centres of learning and development. This initiative envisages improving the quality of Government schools through needbased interventions. The learnings accrued while operating 254 Satya Bharti Schools over 10 successful years are systematically transferred to these schools

Bharti Foundation introduces innovative tools and processes to enhance a school’s current performance by:

  1. Creating an opportunity for exposure to best practices in education.
  2. Conducting need-based training for key stakeholders.
  3. Co-creating processes to sustain the desired change.

Program Approach

Satya Bharti Quality Support Program – Key Performance Indicators:

Schools (In four States*)39

*Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Data as on March 31, 2016.

Key Achievements 2015-16

IV. Satya Bharti Abhiyan
Bharti Foundation launched the Satya Bharti Abhiyan to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana district and support the Government’s agenda of Swachh Bharat Mission. Through this initiative, it provides individual toilets in households lacking such facilities, across 900+ villages.

In addition, the aim is to improve sanitation facilities in government schools of rural Ludhiana by building separate toilets for girls, where no such amenities exist.

Program Objectives*

  1. Provide an individual toilet in every household in rural Ludhiana which is without a toilet.
  2. Provide a girl’s toilet in every Government School of rural Ludhiana that does not have a separate toilet for girls.

*Urban areas and private schools do not fall under the purview of this Program.

Satya Bharti Abhiyan – Key Performance Indicators:

Number of individual toilets handed over12,723
Number of direct beneficiaries*63,050
Villages covered559
Girls’ toilets constructed in Government Schools14

Data as of March 31, 2016, with total figures from inception in August 2014.

*User numbers as reported by individual households at the time of handing over of the toilet.

  • 12,723
    Households benefited
  • 559
    Villages covered

Key Achievements

Year Individual Toilets Handed Over Girls’ Toilets Handed Over Villages Impacted No. of Beneficiaries
2015-16 11,644 14 489 58,734
2014-15 1,079 - 70 4,316
Total 12,723 14 559 63,050

Details of individual toilets constructed by Bharti Foundation are uploaded on the Government’s Swachh Bharat Mission data website ( As on March 31, 2016, details of 80% (approx.) of the constructed toilets have been updated. Details of the toilets constructed by Bharti Foundation can also be accessed at

V. Higher Education Programs
Bharti Foundation partnered with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2,000 to set up the Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi. The Foundation has also set up the Bharti Centre for Communication, Bombay in partnership with IIT Bombay. The Foundation also recognises and awards exceptionally talented students to pursue studies at The Cambridge University, UK, through the Manmohan Singh Bursary Fund. In addition, Bharti Institute of Public policy, Mohali has been set up as a partnership between Indian School of Business and Bharti Enterprises, with Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (USA) as its partner school.

VI. Nyaya Bharti
Nyaya Bharti was launched in November 2015 to help deserving and underprivileged undertrials, languishing in jails across the country for minor offences. The aim is to provide them with legal and financial support and assistance, while increasing awareness of every individual’s constitutional right to legal defence. This is a unique corporate initiative at the national level and hopes to fulfil the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Vision of ‘Sabka Nyaya’ – Access to Justice for all. The Board comprising eminent members from legal and other professional field is chaired by Justice A. S. Anand (Retired Chief Justice of India) guiding the strategy for the project. This is implemented by a panel of young lawyers who have been engaged to work with the judicial system and courts to implement the same.

Airtel Connect

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) has created an impressive platform to bring together corporates, individuals, employees and students of schools and colleges to raise awareness about the Satya Bharti School Program, raise funds and also enjoy the marathon run.

Bharti Foundation’s theme for ADHM 2015 was centred on celebrating 10 successful years of the Satya Bharti School Program. Over the last eight ADHMs, as many as 6,325 employees comprising 217 teams from 77 corporates have run for us, with many of them consistently supporting us.

  • 6,325
    Employees have run for us, over the last eight ADHMs

Young Leader Program
It is a two-week program (part of corporate induction) in which new team members of Bharti Airtel engage as volunteers to support various initiatives of Bharti Foundation. This year 43 Young Leaders volunteered in 43 Satya Bharti Schools in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

ACT (A Caring Touch)
It is an employee payroll giving program for Bharti Group of Companies. The Program encourages employees to give back to society in terms of money, time, skills or knowledge. In FY 2015-16, Bharti Airtel employees have contributed ` 7.61 Mn towards the Satya Bharti School Program and ` 0.36 Mn was provided to other NGOs.

  • ` 3,934,120
    Employee Participation
  • ` 3,675,870
    Employer Participation
  • 43
    Young Leaders volunteered this year in 43 Satya Bharti Schools in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
  • ` 7.61 Mn
    Total contribution towards Satya Bharti School Program

Compassionate Leadership

Helping the Disadvantaged
We have started a scholarship programme for underprivileged students of Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI), Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh. FDDI is a leading design and management institution and conducts various professional programmes of international standards. Over 100 underprivileged students were granted scholarship during the FY 2015-16. Besides, under the ‘Campus to Corporate’ programme, the underprivileged students of FDDI were mentored and provided with placement assistance.

Investing in Talent
Him Jyoti School provides free value-based education to bright girls from impoverished families of Uttarakhand. The School’s vision is to teach learners to be pluralistic, creative, interdependent and capable citizens with a global outlook. We partnered and supported the school’s educational mission.

Caring for the Elderly
Anubandh, situated on the outskirts of Jodhpur, helps senior citizens deserted by their families. We partnered and supported Anubandh in furtherance of their initiatives.

Supporting the Community
We also partnered and supported various programmes and initiatives of charitable institutions such as Telangana Yuvathi Mandali, CRY, HelpAge India, National Association for the Blind, Save life Foundation, SOS Children Villages of India, The Banyan and IDIA Charitable Trust, among others.

Contributing to Social Welfare
Carnegie India is the 6th international centre of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The organisation is engaged in high-quality public policy research on national, regional, and global issues. During the year, we supported their initiatives.

Good Samaritans

Initiatives by Airtel Circle Offices

Digital Empowerment
At Bharti Airtel, we have partnered with the Government of Andhra Pradesh for a mobile literacy digital mission in collaboration with the Society for Eradication of Rural Poverty. As part of this, we rolled out ‘e-Shakti’, an initiative to build mobile internet awareness and literacy among the women of Andhra Pradesh.

Our zonal teams have since then been actively involved in spearheading training sessions in every district of the state. During FY 2015-16, our teams trained 360,000 women in all 13 districts of the state, an encouraging achievement in such a time span.

We also partnered with the Government of Madhya Pradesh to take e-Shakti Abhiyaan to the women of the state. The training sessions, conducted by Airtel’s quality trainers focused on the basics of internet and its uses, awareness of various government portals, introduction to apps and social media. Over 149,000 women were trained across 23 districts of Madhya Pradesh so far.

The similar initiative was undertaken by Rajasthan Circle in its Kota Zone, which would focus on the district’s women as well as men and college students.

  • 500,000+
    Women trained across Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan in FY 2015-16

Joy of Giving
Our Rajasthan team celebrated the Joy of Giving week with much fanfare. The team interacted with children at various Satya Bharti Schools and sought from them the wishes that they would want to be fulfilled. These wishes were put on a ‘Wish Tree’ and were fulfilled by our team members by converting those wishes to ‘Wish Fruits’.

Time for Celebrations
Various initiatives were undertaken at different locations across India, celebrating festivals and events. To celebrate Children’s Day and Diwali with the kids, the teams bearing gifts from Airtel Circle Office at Jaipur, Jodhpur and Alwar zones went to four different Satya Bharti Schools and shared various gifts with children. We also celebrated Durga Puja and were privileged to be part of the Sarathi Socio Trust in Bengaluru.

Kids of Prakash School over the last many years, come to our office ground and celebrate with us, having dinner and dancing. The Airtel employees with families engage and have a great time with them. This activity helps employees to engage with street kids and old-age homes and spread smiles by doing small activities at local end.

Community Greening
We have always been proactive in supporting green initiatives across all geographies where we operate. In line with that overriding vision, our Jaipur team spearheaded multiple tree plantation drives to make the city a cleaner and greener place to reside in. The participation was enthusiastic and the outcome encouraging.

Swachh Bharat
At Bharti Airtel, we are committed to translate the vision of Swachh Bharat into an everyday reality. Airtel employees participated in a cleanliness drive at Chandigarh Technology Park office under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in FY 2015-16. We will continue to undertake more such initiatives for a cleaner, prosperous India.

Blood Donation
Periodic blood donation camps are also organised, wherein circle employees donated their blood; and helped save lives. In FY 2015-16, our Gujarat team organised two camps; and was able to collect 50 units each. Besides, this initiative has helped our employees count on blood banks in their hour of need.

Disaster Relief
The unprecedented rains and consequent floods in Chennai caused unimaginable destruction, depriving a huge proportion of the population of even bare essentials of life. Team Kerala and Tamil Nadu (KTN) rose to the occasion and protected employees. They also contributed to bring Chennai and Cuddalore back to normalcy. The rescue team worked with local support groups, police action groups and community volunteer groups to help save lives.

Our Bihar and Jharkhand Circles donated ` 958,735 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on behalf of Bharti Airtel for the rehabilitation of victims of Nepal’s earthquake. Airtel also initiated 48 hours of free network usage for all calls made to Nepal, to facilitate relief work and communication in the disaster hit area.

Gujarat suffered heavy rains and flood in July 2015. At areas like Banaskantha, Patan, Kutch, Mehsana, Sabarkanta and Morbi, the network was significantly impacted with power outages in over 2,900 villages. Team Airtel Gujarat, Indus Towers and NSN worked diligently in this hour of need. Over 50% network was restored within just 48 hours. Airtel was among the few first to restore connectivity, when many locations were drowned under water.

Airtel NESA launched a flood relief campaign in North East India. The team volunteered one day for flood relief campaign at adversely affected Ampati district in South West Garo Hills, Meghalaya. The campaign was conducted, along with government officials.

  • ` 958,735
    donated by our Bihar and Jharkhand Circles to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on behalf of Bharti Airtel for the rehabilitation of victims of Nepal’s earthquake

Holistic Welfare
We took several initiatives like ‘Each One Teach One’ and Azaadi Campaign, to enhance digital literacy across India’s cities and towns. We will be driving more such initiatives in step with the Government’s Digital India mission.

As a part of our community uplift initiatives, we help create jobs for local youth closer to their homes; so that they don’t need to migrate from their native places. We will continue to invest more resources and expertise to generate employment opportunities for India’s youth, especially for those in rural regions.

We also regularly organise health camps to ensure holistic welfare. Our last camp benefited about 1,700 retailers and distributors. We will continue to organise such camps across areas of our operation.

We have also commenced a Scholarship Programme for kids where our partners can have their kids enrolled in this programme for cash rewards. Close to 40 children benefited from this programme last year. Besides, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Back to School and other programmes are organised regularly. Our teams even volunteered to be invigilators for a Teacher Subject Knowledge Test across four locations in Punjab.

B. Environmental Conservation

Environmental degradation and climate change is a critical challenge that industries and governments across the world must focus on; and find sustainable solutions with greater urgency and unanimity. The Climate Summit in Paris in 2015 articulated this concern. Bharti Airtel is partnering with governments and other relevant stakeholders worldwide to help conserve the environment.

Our priorities comprise:

  1. Promoting the use of renewable energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
  2. Exploring innovative technologies in network infrastructure to cut down emissions.
  3. Working collectively with infrastructure partners to reduce energy consumption and resulting carbon emissions.
  4. Sharing network infrastructure with partners to reduce emissions.
  5. Focusing on judicious resource management to wage a war against wastage.
  • 33,000+
    sites have been converted to outdoor till date

Putting Faith in Green Energy

Innovative Network Technologies

Conversion of Indoor Sites to Outdoor
Airtel has been partnering with Tower Cos to convert indoor sites to outdoor sites. Over 33,000 sites have been converted to outdoor till date, reducing the energy consumption by about 25%. Sites are being converted mostly by installing FCU, NCU and IP55 cabinets for switching off the air conditioners, thus making them feasible for installing green energy solutions like solar, Li-ion, among others. This initiative also forms part of Airtel’s War on Waste.

Infrastructure Sharing Our constant endeavour is to promote infrastructure sharing, along with our partners. Our efforts with partners to consolidate passive infrastructure and green initiatives have considerably reduced carbon emission in the entire industry. This initiative not only reduces operational cost for service providers by eliminating operational waste, but also promotes optimal use of resources.

In FY 2015-16, 45% incremental sites were deployed as sharer sites, reducing the energy consumption by a minimum 30% over standalone sites.

Outdoor Site Deployment
During the year, over 90% of the new sites were deployed as outdoor, eliminating air-conditioner usage.

In addition, 80% of the sites have been installed with Auto-TRX shutdown feature, which ensures that the TRX remains switched off during non-peak hours.

Towards a Greener World

Project Green Cities
Project Green City was launched by Indus Towers and Bharti Infratel few years back; and over 37,600 sites have been tagged as green sites till date. Over 12,800 sites were converted to outdoor sites during the year under review, thus enhancing our energy efficiency significantly.

Resource Management

The ever increasing volume of physical as well as e-waste generated in contemporary society impacts the environment considerably. At Airtel, we deeply acknowledge our responsibility towards judicious resource management for a cleaner, greener planet.

We focus on minimising end-toend traceability and recycling the waste generated by our operations. We monitor on a continuous basis the generation of the e-waste, its transportation, processing and recycling comprehensively.

Any e-waste generated from technology upgradation, capacity augmentation and others is recycled as per the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) norms. We have a stringent system of selection of recyclers: recyclers have to be legally compliant; they should have their relevant licences in place with world-class facilities, procedures and practices to treat e-waste in an environmentally sound manner.

In FY 2015-16, over 1,700 tons of e-waste generated from IT and network infrastructure was recycled through authorised recycling partners.

We are continuously evaluating the impact of our operations on resources and environment. Towards this end, we took significant steps like reducing paper usage and wastage by popularising paperless billing. We have been encouraging our customers to opt for e-billing and e-transactions. We provide flexibility for our customers to opt for paperless bills at any point in the life cycle.

We have a substantial share of customers opting for paperless billing. Over 3 Mn Airtel mobility postpaid customers have opted for e-bills over the past two years. In addition, we also have nearly 70% of our total postpaid customers on paperless bills till the end of FY 2015-16, representing over 24% increase in number of customers opting for paperless bills over the previous financial year.

  • 3 Mn+
    Airtel mobility postpaid customers have opted for e-bills over the past two years

Driving Sustainable Transformations Globally

We are committed to bring enduring socio-economic transformation to help elevate the quality of life for millions of people across the world. We are translating our commitment into reality on ground through several programmes, which are need-based and produce measurable outcomes for the community.


Airtel Africa is committed to functioning in a socially responsible manner to enable communities in the countries in which we operate. Our focus areas comprise education, welfare of the youth and health.

“Our CSR journey has just started, but it is an encouraging beginning. Over the upcoming fiscal, we will see our CSR teams integrate technology related support into the CSR programmes. This alignment will create an impact on society through the technology that we make available”.

Christian de Faria, Executive Chairman, Airtel Africa


Flagship Programmes

Youth Development

Flagship Programmes


Flagship Programmes

  • Airtel DRC launched 'Airtel Sante info' a mobile health service offered for its subscribers. The service offers free consultations and vaccinations, in partnership with the Medical Action Board Association.
  • We continued to support the survivors of Ebola epidemic by providing start-up capital and other resources to 50 women entrepreneurs, especially Ebola widows.
  • In Uganda, we organised health camps in partnership with Hinds Feet Programme in remote areas of the country, so that the underprivileged are offered a chance to test and undergo medical screening for various diseases, such Hepatitis B screening and shots, dental, eye check-ups and general medicine. There was also screening for HIV, diabetes, ulcers and blood pressure.
  • Airtel Madagascar in partnership with Mobile Hi-Life has developed mobile clinics to help the community get access to better healthcare.
  • 5,000
    Airtel partnered with the Ministry of Education in Chad to train 5,000 youth in the country to improve their ICT skills


  • Recognition by the African Union for Airtel's Ebola related initiatives in Africa.
  • Airtel Malawi was awarded a premium Awardee in the Corporate Social Responsibility category during the Top Employers Awards 2014 by the Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM).
  • Airtel Zambia: 1st overall award for companies / institutions held in high esteem as good corporate citizen, based on their corporate responsibility initiatives and investments over the past 12 months.
  • Ghana CSR Excellence Awards - Best CSR award in Education.
  • Ghana Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards - Best Community Relations programme of the year - Touching Lives.
  • Nigeria SERA 2015 - Best Company in CSR health intervention.
  • CSR Africa Leadership Awards - Presented to Michael Okwiri, Corporate Communications and CSR Airtel Africa.


Airtel Bangladesh is committed to partner various community and environmental initiatives in Bangladesh to ensure holistic wellbeing for all. During the year, the Company provided crockeries and cooking utensils to facilitate the Food for Education Programme of Bidyanondo (learn with fun), a non-profit organisation. The programme helps educate children from disadvantaged sections of society.

The crockeries and utensils were sent to three branches of Bidyanondo (at various locations of Bangladesh), benefiting 500 students.

Sri Lanka

The Company collaborates with various stakeholders in Sri Lanka to drive community uplift and environment conservation initiatives.

The Lady Ridgeway Hospital is considered to be world’s largest paediatric government hospital; it provides free medication and hospitalisation. Bharti Airtel Lanka refurbished the hospital into a more child-friendly environment. The Company also contributed several new TVs, furniture and equipment.

The effort proved to be encouraging with over one million children visiting the hospital annually for treatment and care, leaving happy and healthy.

To spread the message of joy, team Airtel Lanka also celebrated Christmas with disadvantaged children of few orphanages and paediatric hospitals.