Annual Report

Transformational NETWORK Enriching experience. Enduring value.
  • #3Ranked Telecom Operator Globally
  • 21.1%Spectrum Market Share
  • 45.2%Incremental RMS
  • 61%Incremental EBITDA Margin (Y-o-Y)
  • `965.3BnGlobal Revenues FY 2015-16
Telecommunication today reflects majestic leaps of human imagination, transcending the limits of time and space.
The industry is seeing unprecedented progress in terms of innovation and adoption of new technologies that elevate life in so many different ways.

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The global economy went through another challenging year. Even as the US experienced sustained recovery, growth in the Euro area remained muted and China continued to slow down, dragging down global economy conspicuously.
Sunil Bharti Mittal