Annual Report

Winning Strategy


Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers. Our obsession is to win customers for life through exceptional experience.


  • Grow market share profitably
  • Accelerate non-mobile businesses


  • Alive
  • Inclusive
  • Respectful

Win-win for all

Win through go-to-market excellence
  • Grow share of new smartphones and 4G devices
  • Accelerate data penetration via intuitive pricing and innovation
  • Build Indiaís No. 1 payments bank through a 'frugal and digital' model
Win with a brilliant network experience
  • Address customer concerns through quality obsession
  • Improve customer advocacy through granular planning and communication
  • Drive down unit cost per MB through leveraging multiple technologies
Win with valuable customers
  • Grow 3G / 4G data by encouraging consumption, bundling and upgradation
  • Grow postpaid through propositions, store experience and B2B drive
  • Accelerate B2B through improved experience
  • Empower homes through high-speed broadband, low-cost access and bundling
  • Win DTH through a disproportionate share of digitisation and innovation
Win with a war on waste
  • Drive cost efficiency initiatives
  • Lower costs and maximising sharing
  • Reduce waste by network re-design
Win with people
  • Drive a high-performance culture
  • Grow talent through strong learning, mentoring and succession planning

Value Enablers

Our guiding philosophy revolves around customer centricity,
performance excellence, transparency and ethical governance.

Large residual opportunity with bulk investments in place

We have large residual opportunities in India and Africa; and are well positioned to capture future growth through our network of towers and base stations, superior spectrum bank, and largest layout of optic fibre.

~0 %

Unique mobile users of total SIMs sold

(Source: CISCO VNI Forecasts)

0 %

Spectrum market share


Industry leading revenue yield/MHz at 2x average with same cost/MHz

0 Rkms

Largest optical fibre network among private players

Significant scale and scope to capitalise on the opportunities

Airtel is growing across key growth markets with a subscriber base of 342+ Mn. We are the only telecom operator with a diversified portfolio in India; and we are suitably positioned to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

0 % (Y-o-Y)

Incremental Revenue Market Share (RMS) - Highest in the industry

0 %

Incremental subscriber share as of Feb 2016

(Source: TRAI)

Highest revenue

Market share and subscriber market share in India

Leader in India

and #1 or #2 in 14 African countries

Financial flexibility, strong balance sheet and operating efficiencies

We continue to focus on de-leveraging through strategic initiatives taken in India and Africa which include tower sales, and strategic divestment of two African countries. We realised ~USD 1.6 Bn from tower sales and sales in 3 countries are work-in-progress. We are also achieving high operating efficiencies and strengthening our war on waste across geographies.

0 %  to 0 %

Increase in EBITDA margins
(FY 2014-15 to FY 2015-16)

0 %

Revenue growth of India and South Asia (Y-o-Y)

0 %

Revenue growth of Africa
(Y-o-Y) (on a constant currency basis)

0 %

Incremental EBITDA margin (Y-o-Y)

Global talent pool

Our huge talent pool helps us create differentiated experience for our customers through an attractive portfolio of products and services.

A high-performance culture through talent-first strategy with contemporary learning modules, mentoring, and succession planning strengthens the differentiation of our brand.

Strength of our team:




South Asia