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How do SIM cards work abroad

How do I use my SIM card/Airtel number outside India?

Whether you are going on a business or a leisure trip, staying connected and keeping your mobile number active plays a very important role. This way, you can stay in touch with your loved ones, at all times. Even in case of an emergency, an active SIM card can help you in so many ways. Wondering how to use your SIM card internationally? It is quite easy – simply consider the duration of your travel and buy an Airtel international roaming prepaid or postpaid plan.

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With Airtel’s international roaming plans, you will continue to enjoy your mobile services, even when you are on foreign shores!

How do you use the SIM card internationally?

With the help of an international SIM card and a proper roaming pack, you can travel anywhere without any hiccups. Do remember that for getting an international SIM, you will not have to go through the challenges of getting a new SIM card or such. Instead, your regular SIM will work just as fine.

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How can I keep my Indian SIM card active abroad?

Keeping your Indian SIM card active when you are abroad is a breeze. Once you buy an Airtel international roaming pack, your Airtel SIM gets activated automatically as soon as you deboard your flight.

There are plenty of prepaid as well as postpaid plans which are divided into short-term and long-term plans. Hence, customers can choose their preferred IR pack according to their trip duration.

On the other hand, if you are not on the Airtel network yet, but want to explore the many benefits of Airtel’s IR packs, then we suggest porting. By porting your number to Airtel, you still have the same mobile number as earlier but with the added benefit of Airtel’s network on your side. Thus, all the IR pack plans are unlocked for you.

You can also port to Airtel if you are using an eSIM card. All things considered, choose Airtel so that your communication with loved ones back home is seamless.

What are the benefits of Airtel’s IR pack plans?

There are many benefits when you choose Airtel’s IR pack plans:

  • Convenience – one of the key benefits of choosing an IR pack is the convenience factor of it. You will still keep your same old phone number. As a result, all calls, SMS, OTPs and more will be sent to your original number – just the way it was back in India. In addition, you will also have enough mobile data to help you navigate everywhere.
  • Affordable – Airtel’s IR pack plans are priced at justwhich means you can finally put your worries over sky-high bills to rest.
  • One single pack for everything – If In addition, you will also have a working mobile plan during your layover at another country’s airport.
  • Customer support – 24×7 customer support from Airtel so that you can always reach out to us. Call Airtel at 99100-99100 or send a WhatsApp text on the same number. Get in touch with Airtel and all of your doubts will answered in an instant.
  • Reliable network – Airtel IR packs have been designed on the back of partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned telecom service providers. Thus, no matter where you go, you will receive a strong network at all times.
  • Quick activation – Your IR pack will get activated as soon as you land. This also means that you will not be charged for an IR pack as long as you are within Indian shores.

With so many benefits, it is quite evident that Airtel offers you a complete international roaming solution. Hence, all your worries regarding ‘does Indian SIM work abroad’ or ‘how do I use my SIM card internationally’ –can be put to rest.

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Using local SIM cards is not a great idea

Now, some of you may point out that getting a local SIM from your international destination could also help you stay connected. However, that could present a set of challenges that you may not have thought of yet:

  1. A new local SIM card from your international location means a different phone number.
  2. One cannot forget the fact that when your close ones call up on your local SIM number, they will be charged as per ISD calling rates, which again is not a favourable situation.
  3. Differences between packs and benefits offered – many people have complained about being overcharged for telecom services by local SIM providers.
  4. Also, buying a SIM from a local operator can pose threats. You will be asked to submit your personal documents and those could be misused without your knowledge. There have been several instances wherein street-side operators have conducted fraudulent practices using the documents of a customer.
  5. Foreign tourists could also get overcharged for buying local SIMs.

Overall, getting local SIMs does not seem that good of an idea. Rather, it is ideal that you stick with your regular SIM card from back home and just recharge with an international roaming (IR) plan.

Choose Airtel for your IR needs

Therefore, when you choose Airtel, you will get a SIM card that works seamlessly within India as well as abroad. Take your pick from our Airtel International Roaming plans, select the country you are visiting and complete your online recharge.

We hope you have a wonderful trip with memories to last a lifetime.