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Is 5G available in India?

How to Check 5G Network Availability in Your Area?

Tech experts around the globe are working hard to explore & find new technologies to make our life simple & easier. This time, they bring the new generation of wireless technology called 5G. The fifth generation will be known to provide quicker downloads, greater capacity, higher speed, and lower latency than the 4G LTE network. Every generation of mobile technology has been introduced with certain abilities, and people are curious to know about the specific abilities of the new 5G network. For example, the first generation came with the ability to use a phone when away from home. 2G came with a texting feature, and 3G was introduced with a core network speed and gave birth to smartphones. Moreover, 4G gave us the ability to watch video content without much buffering and today, we are preparing to welcome the all-new, 5G network.

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What is a 5G network and what are its abilities?

The fifth generation of wireless technology can provide high-speed internet with a much lower lag which means seamless downloads. It is arriving with a significant impact on how we live, work, and process. The all-new 5G network has the potential to reach 20 Gbps speed based on 3GPP industry specifications. It is expected to make businesses effective, efficient, and easy. This will help customers to get access to more information in a matter of minutes. There are various other benefits of 5g in business.

How to check for 5G availability or coverage in your area?

We know you have this question, ‘Is 5G available in India’? Here’s your answer! As of now, major countries like North and South America, Australia, Asia and most parts of Western Europe have access to the 5G network. And now, we have 5G availability in India as well!


 If you want to check the 5G availability anywhere in the world, the Ookla 5G map can help. This map gets updated on a weekly basis and provides information on areas that have received the commercial availability of the network. It also helps to know the areas where the coverage will be rolled out soon.

To know if the network is available in your area, you can check the marks around your location. This app also helps to know the cell phone providers that offer a 5G network in your location.


 You can also download the Opensignal app if you want to know the network availability in your location. The application is available on both Android and iOS devices. It offers independent cell phone coverage maps for over 35 countries. Opensignal gives you access to a map based on your local areas. It allows you to check availability on the carrier and the type of network. It also allows you to check the upload speed, latency, signal strength and many other details.

Airtel 5G Coverage

We, at Airtel, also provide with a map that allows each one of you to know our tower maps, weak spots, strong signal zones, high-speed internet and much more. It makes it easy for you to check the 5G Plus network in your city.

How to check if your phone supports a 5G network?

The new network is rolling out, and many of us are still using 4G phones. However, in order to use the fifth generation, we need to know if our current smartphone supports the 5G network or not. Let’s find out!

Step 1: Open ‘settings’ on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Wi-Fi and Network option.

Step 3: Then, click on the ‘SIM and Network option.

Step 4: Next, you can see the ‘Preferred network type’ option. In that option, if your device supports a 5G network, it will appear as 2G/3G/4G/5G.

What to do when your phone doesn’t support 5G?

 If your current smartphone doesn’t support 5G, you need to get a new smartphone that supports the network. Also, before you get a new device, do make sure that it is 5G compatible. As the 5G rollout timeline progresses over time, more smartphones and carrier subscriptions will become available. You can also checkout the list of the best 5g smartphones available.

Will my current 4g Airtel SIM work on 5G? Is 5G SIM available in India?’ – You may have these question, and the answer is yes. Our existing Airtel SIMs are already 5G enabled. If you have a 5G phone, it will work seamlessly.

How is Airtel 5G better than Airtel 4G?

 The new Airtel 5G network is better than the previous network in many possible ways.

  1. Fast Speed: Airtel 4G is fast but Airtel 5G is superfast. You can check it through an internet speed test online. It provides up to 30x faster speed than the old 4G network. Now, it is possible and super easy to download HD or 4K videos, games, and large files all in just a few seconds.
  2. More devices: The new fast network will allow you to connect to a large number of devices like smart watches, smart home solutions, digital appliances, earphones, location trackers and much more, that too simultaneously.
  3. No Lag: The Airtel 5G uses the most widely used technology worldwide. Therefore, it provides no or minimal lagging.

In conclusion, the 5G network is all set to surprise you with its abilities. If you still don’t have an Airtel network and wish to switch, go to our official website, and make a move. Else, you can visit your nearest Airtel store to get a new 5G ready SIM card. Airtel 5G is available now!